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Carla Gardiner

“I went from 0 leads to 23 thanks to my Freebie Funnel.”

I've always chased shiny objects and spent money hoping it would be the one. What I discovered was the timing wasn't right for me both personally and in my business.

This time, with a clear focus on my goal, I committed myself to use the training to its full potential, including the community of other people from all over. Not only did I show up and watch the training videos, BUT, I did the work.

I'm so proud of myself and am excited for the women over 50 that will be served for years to come because I didn't quit.

Colleen Kirby

“The course has given me focus, confidence and hope, because now I can see what’s possible for my business and how it will benefit my family and give me the free time outside of nursing to do more of the things I want.”

I lost all confidence in myself prior to the MLBB and due to my mental health I was really struggling to focus and pick things up. This training has given me the complete confidence and skills in order to create automation in my business!

In just a short amount of time I went from 0-151 leads. I could not be more grateful for the time and value that you put into this training! Thank you so much Tanya!

‘This course was exactly what I needed to help me put the pieces together to get my funnel in place.’

I'm in the skincare industry and I show women over 50 how to focus on fitness and self-care so they can take charge of their mental wellness and take back her happiness.

My biggest challenge has been that I have avoided social media to build my business. I need to build my brand and get exposure so I can leverage social media.

I made a commitment to keep up with the 6-week plan and I did.

I'm still building on social media but I'm putting the processes in place so that I'm ready for all the great things to come my way in the future. I took all the recommendations to heart and stepped out of my comfort zone. I generated leads after I launched my freebie funnel and it’s all thank to Tanya and her team.

Bonnie Backus

“The best part... I got 3 sales the day I launched the revised Freebie and Funnel!”

I had developed my Freebie months back on my own but was not getting much traction with it. I attended the 5 Day Challenge event Tanya held and then bought the course. Wow what a difference!

“I now have a very valuable Freebie and a Funnel that is generating me leads daily!”

Sailynn Doyle

“This is not my first course in list building, but without a doubt the BEST!”

What has helped me the most I would say are the templates: what to say in my videos and the copy for the landing/thank you/ delivery page and follow up emails.

The strategy and psychology behind it all is super smart and so powerful! I also really like how this course is set up in 6 modules over 6 weeks, with feedback and help from the community and Tanya & her team when needed.

I have high open rates, 29-53% for 4 messages I have in this funnel, which are the highest numbers I ever had on follow-up messages!

Thank you Tanya for yet an amazing course!! And thank you Tanya’s team and the list builders in this group for valuable help, tips and feedback!

Caroline Karlson

Danielle Kellison

“I launched my Freebie Funnel and within a week I was able to gather about 15 leads, I have made 1 sale so far, and have opened 2 new conversations with potential customers.”

Prior to My List Building Bootcamp, I was struggling with my vision, who my tribe was, and how to reach leads outside of online Facebook parties. I also was clueless about an email list, marketing on social media, and didn’t know what a “freebie funnel” was.

The biggest win for me so far has been tackling the technology and gaining the confidence that I am capable of doing this. It has fueled my excitement and the desire to try again, but with a different end goal in mind.

For those on the fence: if you want to gain confidence in yourself, your business, and learn to attract your tribe in an effective manner, try out My List Building Bootcamp. You won’t regret it – the knowledge, support, and recharge is worth it!

Nick Grimshawe

“After the course with a ton of new confidence saw my list building efforts improve. I gained 8 new signups, lots of testimonials from my freebie and my Facebook Lives.”

I was just about ready to give up before I joined My List Building Bootcamp. My email list was declining, no sales were coming in and I had no clarity on how to present to my followers all the great ideas I had.

I was also able to develop a coherent message. I also have a product that is almost ready to launch and so many ideas I can't keep up.

Dan Medina

I have been in NM for several years, trying to find the right way to build my business online. I got into several trainings but I feel none of them gave me the right tools for me and my team.

Once I heard about Tanya and her focus on Automation, Systems and Leverage, I thought to myself: I want THAT! And she really delivered.

The training was packed with strategies and an easy to follow roadmap to get to where I've always wanted.

“I had been looking for a way to do my business online, and this is the training that really taught me how to get high quality leads. I generated nine leads the first day and I expect nothing but great results.”

I finally know how to attract the right people to my business! I am so happy!!!



My List Building Blueprint is a hands-on, step-by-step “6-weeks-to-a-sales-focused-funnel” for entrepreneurs who want to see perfect-leads come in all day, every day (without the tech overwhelm, information overload, and half-baked “tactics”)

This means you get support, accountability, and (gentle) butt-kicking so you can implement as you go and have an automated sales funnel in just 6 weeks.

Each of the Online Entrepreneurs & Smart Marketers above started with one thing: THE COURAGE TO TRY!

Ready to do the same?

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