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YES, Using Facebook...

To Find Interested Prospects That Become Raving Fans & Paying Customers

Facebook is the hottest place to build your business (if you do it right), but if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for yet, I’m here to help.

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to set up your Brand and your Business on Facebook where people message you every day and ask you more about your products, services or business?

Or what if you could stop spending countless hours in front of your computer instant messaging people… who the heck has time for this? Oh AND not to mention, it’s super annoying and unprofessional.

If you’re anything like I was back in the day of starting my Social Media journey, you probably didn’t suck as bad as I did….

In fact, I was scared to learn Social Media because I thought it was

  • A Waste of Time
  • Not Duplicable
  • Only for Techy People

I also didn’t want to be posting pictures of my food or weird stuff like that….

All I knew was that I needed to get more exposure for my business and I needed to be talking to people that were sharp and interested in what I had to offer.

Despite my initial reserves about building my Business on Social Media, I knew I had to learn it, otherwise I’d be left in the dust.

And since building my Business primarily online and using Social Media, I’ve become the Top Recruiter and Sales Rep in my company while working less than 10 hours a week.

My sole passion is now teaching YOU how to make this all possible in YOUR Business.

"Tanya is one of the best I've seen at helping people build out their online presence from start to finish. It's one thing to have a brand, it's another to have a brand and actually monetize it and have all of the moving pieces. That can definitely be overwhelming for the newbie or really anyone, and Tanya takes her clients step by step through the process to make it actually doable and much less overwhelming. I've seen people that work with Tanya go from ZERO online sales to creating multiple streams of income in a matter of months."

Jessica Higdon Jessica Higdon

Tanya Aliza is a genius within the branding and blogging arena. Not only has she built a 7-figure brand herself but she has also helped thousands of people succeed online. She is very methodical and definitely knows her stuff. If you are ready to skyrocket your lead generation and your authority online, we highly recommend her.”

John and Nadya Melton John and Nadya Melton

So even if you think that you’re a bit behind on the Social Media Tidal Wave…

…that the opportunity has come and passed...

…that Social Media is overcrowded and saturated…

(And you wouldn’t be ENTIRELY wrong on any of these fronts, either.)

There’s Still A Lot of Room On This Wave For You To Impact A Lot Of People With Your Products, Services & Business

  • Build a highly-engaged Facebook Fan/Business Page that people share and love
  • Construct a Sales Funnel that works for you 24/7 and brings you leads and sales for your business (it’s all about keeping that funnel full of interested prospects)
  • Free up your Time & focus more on real income producing activities and stop instant messaging strangers that don’t care about being pitched and bothered
  • Learn how to architect your posts so people reach out to YOU and want what you’re selling

Just think about where your business will be if you wait another year… eeek!!! That might be a scary thought right?

I love meeting Entrepreneurs that come my way and tell me that they’re just getting started with Social Media, this shows me that they’re smart enough to know that times aren’t going back to the old way of doing business.

I remember the first time my company talked about Social Media etiquette…

They had a presentation in this seminar that showed us how to present our products on Facebook… I laugh today at what they taught, but back then I had no idea

They told us to post our company replicated website links on our personal profile with text that said “Hey this is awesome…”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT basic, it was back in 2010 so I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was bad and it didn’t work…

It also turned all my Facebook friends off and it turned my profile into a massive sales pitch (very embarrassing)…

They also never told us that we shouldn’t promote anything through our personal profiles on Facebook… they actually encouraged it… AND if you read Facebook terms and conditions it clearly states that they don’t allow promotions of any kind through a personal profile….

This is why Facebook has Business/Fan Pages.

As a business owner who wants to promote and do business on Facebook, you need to do this through your Business/Fan Page.

I wish someone would have taught me this WAY earlier in my business!


  • You’ll hop out of bed each morning with a funnel full of interested people to connect with that WANT to hear more about your business.
  • You’ll have higher quality conversations with people that are less skeptical and more open to taking action with you
  • You’ll save a ton of time getting dressed up and having to attend stuffy, boring networking events
  • You’ll finally have an automated prospecting strategy that you can teach your team, so they stay in the game longer and never quit… because they’re getting confidence boosting results.
  • You’ll be building a Global Team in your pajamas all from your smart phone or Laptop (clothing optional lol)
  • And your time and resources are leveraged to focusing on Team Building, working with the Key Players in your team, and yes…even take that much-needed vacation that you promised your family you would take…all while your automated Social Media Sales Process pulls in the leads and sales.

It’s a Business Owners Dream…. And it can become a quick reality!

When I FINALLY got past my initial skepticism about Social Media and learned how to do things the right way - my business shifted overnight.

It started with my first Social Media Recruit…A lady by the name of Tina...

She lived in Texas, and at the time, I was in Costa Rica taking a 3- month vacation….

She sent me a Facebook message and wanted to know more about working with me.We set up a time to talk over Skype and I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

She asked me 2 questions and joined my team right on the spot! No Skepticism, No silly reservations, just signed up and was excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with me!

At that moment…. I knew this was how I wanted to continue building my business.

But what would it mean to you and your business if the next time you posted on Social Media you had dozens of people engaging and wanting more information about your products, services or business?

Well, that’s a very realistic image I want to put in your head right now.

Go ahead… picture that happening the next time you post on Social Media…

Because I KNOW that as long as you have a strong product to sell, the ONLY thing standing in the way of you achieving this, is the right strategy and step-by-step guidance to nail it with confidence.

Because with the right set up and step-by-step training, you’ll be able to:

  • How to setup your brand properly on Facebook
  • How to be the leader that leaders seek to join - Even if you're brad new & haven't created any results yet
  • How to stand out and look unique
  • How to determine WHO your target audience is and what they want. Plus - My Avatar exercise that will double your results immediately
  • How to use your prodcut benefits to find people that are already looking for what you have


If it wasn’t for the Internet and Social Media, I’m not sure if I would still be in the game…

And it’s bridged the gap between embarrassing failures and complete freedom that I want to confidently help you understand in the coming weeks.

But you might be wondering, who am I to teach you this?

I was such a newbie when it came to digital marketing. I had been working with my network marketing company for a year and looking for a way to scale it up to an online platform when I found Tanya Aliza's UFPP. I've learned so much! I realized very quickly that I had been doing it ALL WRONG!! The UFPP course has been a life-saver, helping me reach people online, buuild my fan base and reach TONS more people. I was intimidated by the technical side of digital marketing but Tanya walks you through every step and explains it all in pain, easy-to-understand language. I'm forever grateful! Thanks Tanya!!

Jodie Martin Cordell Jodie Martin Cordell

“Awesome training!! You went above and beyond Tanya on providing info on finding target pages/related pages for ads audiences. I have heard numerous trainings on FB Marketing, but have NEVER learned this much in detail. You definitely gave away the goods that are usually left out. Thank you. So much exciting info to implement!"

Maeleea Darby Maeleea Darby


I’ve always been very nervous about teaching Facebook strategies because Facebook always changes and the one thing that works today, might stop working tomorrow (it’s why I steer clear of gimmicky marketing)

However, over the years, my students, clients, and team have witnessed the crazy results I’ve been getting through my Facebook Fan Page and I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

Facebook is currently my main traffic source for finding high-quality prospects, and with Billions of people on Facebook, there’s plenty of people there to share this knowledge with.

I also wanted to share my professional strategies to help clean up all the garbage that people are posting that are hurting our profession (this will help all of us).



I had many emails and messages from people asking where I marketed my blog and how I got in front of so many people with my business… and my main goldmine was always Facebook.

BUT… I didn't do Facebook like most people do Facebook…

The way that most people do Facebook leaves you with:

  • Hours of instant messaging people that are NOT interested in what you have
  • Empty comment threads when you post (crickets)
  • Awkward embarrassing conversations where you feel like you’re selling Ghost town message inboxes

I had many of my students and clients ask me to create a training that would show them how to build a well Branded Facebook Page, but I didn’t want to JUST create that…

You don’t just want a well Branded Facebook Page, do you?

You want a Facebook Page that’s set up to work for you and build up your business results, right?

And that’s why, it took me some time to put this training together for you. I’m not JUST showing you how to build a well Branded Facebook Page…

I’m showing you how to Build Your Business on Facebook so you can create the results in SALES that you’re looking for.

And today, I’m proud to say…the wait for this type of training is OVER

But before I share what I’ve put together for you, it’s important we do some important mind cleansing and prepare the ground for your success.


This one is BIG and it tends to hold most people back on Social Media.

Did you know that Big Success can actually turn people OFF on Social Media and it’s actually better not to brag about your success and hype things up?

Some of the most successful posts and Ads I’ve used have had nothing to do with my success story. I’ve even had my most successful posts be about my journey before any big results even happened.

SO… if you haven’t created a big success story to brag about yet, it’s actually a GOOD thing and I can show you how to construct your posts to take people on your JOURNEY with you… this is a very powerful post and tribe building strategy that I’m excited to share with you.


True. Only if you don’t have a Social Media Sales Funnel and daily process in place to keep you focused on the money-making activities.

If you’re logging into Social Media without a DMO (Daily method of operation) then, of course, it can be a waste of time.

However, if you have a step-by-step proven DMO you aren’t going to be wasting a ton of time doing the things that don’t work.

My Social Media DMO is one of the biggest strategies that I’m proud of because I see so many people glued to their phones and computers when they don’t have to be.

I’ll share with you my 10 min Social Media DMO that will bring you more leads and sales than all the other people spending hours on Social Media spinning their wheels in the sand.


What if you could spend as little as $5/day on Facebook Ads and get crazy awesome results like Elizabeth?

"Applying what Tanya teaches, I have generated over 1000 Leads with a $5/day Ad spend from my Lead Magnet offer, about half with phone numbers, so I'm calling and having great conversations. Each one is giving me lots of great content to know exactly what my target audience is looking for, what problems they have, and how I can help them solve those problems...yea! Thanks so much Tanya Aliza!! I have lots of people to talk to now!"

Elizabeth Mallory Oliva Elizabeth Mallory Oliva

The truth is, YES you can lose your shirt quickly on FB Ads if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re blindly putting up a Facebook Ad or Boosted post…

However, once you have a high converting Social Media Sales Funnel put together and you want to throw a little gas on the fire with a Facebook Ad (I show you how) you can have some very magical things happen for super cheap.


Did you know that the Best Sales people never sell? At least their customers will never FEEL sold.

What if you could put a Post up and have people thanking you for the information and asking you about taking the next step with you?

This doesn’t happen when you post salesy weird crap on your Newsfeed… and it positions you as a person of value.

Yes, there’s definitely a Right and Wrong way to post on Social Media and most people are doing it all wrong… that’s why when you learn how to do it right it works so well…. people are blown away.

I never want you to look salesy or weird and I especially don’t want you to lose any of your good friends on Social Media.

"The UFPP course is definitely something I have enjoyed being part of. The description and Tanya's explanations are awesome. I'm actually blown away by the amount of real content and also the Bonus section! I'd highly recommend this brilliant course if you want to grow your audience and start making profits from all of your hard work!!"

Thomas Whitcombe Thomas Whitcombe

A Social Media prospecting and recruiting plan that makes you look like a professional even if:

  • You have no idea what you should be doing on Social Media right now
  • You’ve wrongly exposed your business to all your friends on Social Media
  • Your confidence disappears when someone comments on your stuff because you have no idea how to easily move the connection into a sale
  • You’ve never signed up a single customer or teammate in your biz
  • You only have 20 mins a day to spare



The complete A-Z Plan for Building your Expert Branded Facebook Page, Your High Converting Social Media Sales Funnel, Your posting and engagement schedule , Your Facebook Ad and Conversion Strategy... So you can Automate your prospecting and sales processes in your business.


The result is 6 CORE MODULES, checklists, cheat sheets and templates that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve your well executed Facebook Page and Marketing Plan …and then put it on autopilot.

Your first sale on Social Media completely changes everything and that’s my goal with you over the next 7 days…. let’s open those flood gates

As many people as I now enroll through Social Media, it starts with that 1 to show you how exciting and possible this is… and then our goal is to automate that process so it works for you 24/7 even while your sleeping.

When you learn how to put this plan in place, you become a sought-after leader that people WANT to join and learn from…

So not only will this help your personal business, it will UP your skills to attract other leaders that want to work with you because you can help them put this plan in place for them!

You have leverage…you have momentum…and you finally have confidence that your business can work on Social Media.


  • Walks you through building your Facebook Business Page, AND also helps you implement a plan to get people to become raving fans of yours
  • Walks you through building your Social Media Sales Funnel so you can Automate your prospecting and recruiting while building your email list (huge asset in your business)
  • Walks you through finding your perfect customers and prospects so you can save time and embarrassment talking to people that aren’t interested
  • Walks you through the perfect Posting Schedule so you’ll never wonder what to post again to create engagement and interest
  • Walks you through setting up some simple Facebook Ad campaigns to open the flood gates to your new Social Media Sales Funnel
  • Walks you through converting your leads, comments, and messages into raving customers and new teammates (my scripts work like magic)



($2,804 Value)

How To Get Facebook To Work For Your Business

($147 Value)
  • How to setup your brand properly on Facebook
  • How to be the leader that leaders seek to join - Even if you're brad new & haven't created any results yet
  • How to stand out and look unique
  • How to determine WHO your target audience is and what they want. Plus - My Avatar exercise that will double your results immediately
  • How to use your prodcut benefits to find people that are already looking for what you have

Build Your Facebook Fan/Business Page

($399 Value)
  • A complete Stey-By-Step Walkthrough - No Tech Skills Needed
  • How to setup your bio and profile for maximum results and leads
  • Things you want to avoid that could get your account shut down
  • Your first 5 most important posts to buils trust and credibility with your audience
  • Your Leads Post for Profits and Leads!!

Building Your Social Media Leads & Sales Funnel

($899 Value)
  • How to Automate your business so you can generate Leads & Sales while you sleep!
  • Complete Step-By-Step Walkthrough of creating the Offer, linking it to the Lead Page, and installing it on your Fan Page
  • Discover the perfect Value Offer Giveaway for your business
  • How to construct your Value Offer in less than 60 minutes and have it generating your Leads & Sales for Life
  • Setting up your Email Follow Up System so you can Automate your Business

Getting Your First 100 Likes

($47 Value)
  • How to Attract Prospects to you and build your community base for FREE
  • How to Re-Engage your burnt-out list wth your new Value Offer and have them view you as a credible figure
  • How to write your 'Lead Post' to attract Leads for your Page
  • Go Viral! - How to get your New Fans to share your page with their friends
  • How to keep Fans Engaged and interested in You

Attract A Community Of Raving Fans & Prospects

($97 Value)
  • The perfect posting formula/ratio for Engagement & Sales
  • How to Automate your posting schedule without sacrificing your reach
  • How to inject the right Call-To-Actions so you can make a ton of sales without coming across as salesy
  • How to make Multiple Streams of Income sharing your favorite books and tools
  • Where to get content to share that your audience will love - Perfect if you're not that creative yet!

Boost Your Audience & Leads With A Successful 'Like' Campaign

($197 Value)
  • My $10/day 'Like' Campaign that attracted 15K Fans in less than 12 months
  • My Proved Ad Scripts & Templates that you can copy and use
  • My Ad Creation Checklist to keep you in the clear with a good standing Ad Account
  • Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Creating the Ad
  • 16-48 cent Leads WHAT!?
($1,018 Value)

41 Custom Inspirational Quote Images

($47 Value)
  • Quickly boost engagement with these Ready-To-Go Image Quotes
  • Perfectly sized and ready to go for your Facebook Fan Page
  • Save Time and Increase your Engagement immediately
  • Beautifully designed and will make your Brand Stand Out

Converting Fans to Leads & Leads to Sales

($129 Value)
  • My process for building a Strong Relationship with your new Fan and turning them into a High Quality Lead
  • What kind of Messages to Send and When
  • How to create a Loyal HOT Buyer that keeps Buying and Buying
  • How to help your Fans and Create Multiple Income Streams in your Business

Scripts That Convert & Engaging Post Ideas

($97 Value)
  • My 3 Message Script that takes a potential new customer from stranger to interested prospect
  • Copy & Paste Scripts that are Proven to Work and Convert
  • The best Post types that get the Most Engagement
  • What to say to a new Fan to get them interested in your product, service, or opportunity

Private Facebook Mastermind Group

($319 Value)
  • 12-Months Access to My Private Facebook Mastermind Group to ask questions and mastermind
  • Get suggestions on your conversations so you can make the most out of your Social Media Marketing
  • Network with like-minded Entrepreneurs
  • Share ideas & get support through your Facebook journey

Facebook Ads Revealed - Live Masterclass + Recording

($297 Value)
  • How to run a Successful Ad Campaign for as little as $5/day and get a positive ROI
  • What type of Ad you should be running to get the Best Results
  • How to find targets that no one else is targeting so you get maximum exposure and super Low Cost Leads
  • How to read your Ad results so you know how to scale up or scale back

Introduction to Re-Targeting & Tracking

($129 Value)
  • How to follow your Ideal Customers around on Facebook by showcasing your Offer and giving them a second exposure
  • Build your Brand Faster when people see your Offer more often
  • How to reduce your Ad Spend by over 50%
  • How to build a Second 'List' of Interested Prospects

And to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get

LIFETIME ACCESS to Unlimited Fan Page Profits with all the updates that we do.

You didn’t have to spend dozens of hours instant messaging the wrong people on Social Media in hopes that one sale may trickle in here or there

You could learn how to set up, execute, and maximize your Social Media marketing plan all from a single step-by-step program, instead of jumping between multiple overpriced trainings that give you only a single piece of the puzzle and leave you with NO IDEA on how to complete the picture.

Your Brand and Facebook Page was finally set up to attract high profile customers and prospects that viewed you as a credible source and took you seriously

You could wake up each morning to a list of people that want to hear more about your products, services or business (they’re basically saying… I want to buy from you, just tell me what you got)


To take advantage of this Social Media Opportunity before it’s too late and you’re left in the dust.

Unlimited Fan Page Profits is one of my favorite programs and has produced some incredible game changing results for my students.

“After making a few tweaks on my Fan Page using what I learned in Module 1, I set 13 appointments in homes and got a new recruit today from the interactive post! That recruit already has 2 people in her downline. Pretty sweet!! Excited to soak up more knowledge in Module 2. Thanks Tanya!”

Jared Emerick Jared Emerick

“Tanya, I have been in Network Marketing full-time for 13 years and have bought many programs. So far, this is the best and most organized program I have ever seen. Way to go!”

Phil and Sheila Barnhart Phil and Sheila Barnhart

When you enroll, you’ll get:

The FULL Unlimited Fan Page Profits Training Course: Priority access to all 6 Video Modules with downloadable, checklists & cheat sheets. Value - $2,804

The FULL Power Bonus Bundle: Priority access to all 6 Video BONUS Modules, Tools, and Resources. - Value - $1,018

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $3,822

The Facebook Advertising Bonus Module is worth 2X the entire training program alone because it’s my exact weekly FB Ad strategy that I’ve implemented in my business for the last 2 years that’s built me up to a 7-Figure Online Brand.

I’m super excited to welcome you (and watch you execute your first wildly profitable Social Media Marketing Plan)

I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Unlimited Fan Page Profits TODAY at the special promo price of just...

The goal of this training is to help you become a professional marketer on Social Media for your business and if you don’t learn how to do Social Media Prospecting, Recruiting and Team Building today, where will your business be a year from now?

Will you still be:

  • Struggling to build your list, generate leads, and spark engagement.
  • Watching your peers (and competitors) leapfrog you with their own successful Social Media systems.
  • Cutting your profits by relying on non-leveraged marketing activities like one-to-one calls, instant messaging and sitting in front of your computer for days with no results


If you’re on the fence…

Or if other trainings have left you stranded (and skeptical)...

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Unlimited Fan Page Profits into action.

I’m so confident that you’ll love your new-found results that I’m going to stamp my personal Guarantee on this training so you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

If AFTER you go through all the Modules, you reach out within 30 days to show me that you’ve kept up with all the work (you have to show me proof!), and for some crazy reason you STILL haven’t seen any progress, then I’ll be happy to return the investment.

But, you DO have to do the work.

Unlimited Fan Page Profits is for people who are committed to implementing new profit generating systems into their business, and NOT for tire kickers only interested in putting another training course on the shelf to collect dust.

And we will be strict on this last point - you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There’s so much for you to gain that’s waiting for you on the other side of this training, and since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough Tanya love when it comes to holding you accountable.

More on the 30-Day Guarantee over here.

Q. I don’t have a big success story yet, who would listen to me on Social Media?

A. Please don’t let this type of mindset hold you back. This course will show you how to position yourself as a credible resource so you don’t have to have a big success story to share yet. I will teach you how to take people on your journey with you and this is even better than having a big success story that most people can’t relate to anyways. So, don’t worry about this. We all have to start somewhere and I wouldn’t wait another day.

Q. Do I operate on Facebook through my Fan Page or my personal profile?

A. In the training, I’m going to show you how to build a Facebook Fan Page to set you up as a credible expert and I do encourage that you operate through your Page vs. your profile because it’s against Facebook’s terms and conditions to do promotions through your profile. However, if you ONLY want to operate through your personal profile, you can and this training will also help you with that.

Q. Do I have to spend a ton of money on Facebook Ads to get real results?

A. The great thing about this training is that I do teach you how to run a simple and effective Ad campaign (because this is the fastest way to leads), however, I’ll show you how to do this while spending as little as $5/day and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with just 5 bucks!

Q. I don’t have a ton of time and I’m super busy, will this work for me?

A. This was the exact reason I learned how to use Social Media. I was super busy and I wanted to Automate my lead and sales flow. If you have one weekend to set everything up, you can put the rest on autopilot. How’s less than 26 mins a day sound to you?

Q. My company doesn’t allow me to market on Social Media, what do I do?

A. It’s not that your company doesn’t allow you to market on Social Media, it’s that you can’t use their logos or name. Most Network Marketing companies have to protect what’s claimed or said about them and this is completely understandable. The good news is, I teach you to Brand and market YOU on the front end so you’ll never have a problem and you’ll always be within the guidelines of compliance.

Q. I’ve already exposed all my friends on Facebook to my business. How will different people see what I have if we’re not friends?

A. This is exactly why I teach you how to find your perfect customers and prospects on Facebook through the Facebook Audience Insights tool. This will also make sure that you’re connecting with people that already have an interest in your product, service or business (this is the free tool that I’ve used to find some of my top people)

Q. I already have a Facebook Fan/Business Page, will this training still help me?

A. There are a couple Modules that walk you through setting up your Fan Page and I would encourage going through them to make sure that you have your Page set up right, but I
go over so much more than just building a Page. I train you on Building your Social Media Sales Funnel, Your Engagement Schedule, Facebook Ads and Converting your engagements into sales…. it’s the most complete Facebook training you’ll find.

Q. Are there any other additional expenses?

I am a big fan of getting started without unnecessary expense. Grow as you go! In saying that, there are a few non-negotiables that you will need to set up for your Fan Page and Sales Funnel. Expect to invest anywhere from $100 – $170 one time setup for your sales funnel needs. Beyond that, I highly recommend a budget for Facebook ads but you can start slow (i.e. – think $5-$10 bucks a day) and you can scale up after you see how your funnels are converting.


Looking back to the first day that I made a decision to learn Social Media marketing for my business, I had no idea if it was going to work.

I was pretty skeptical because my business partners were all building the ‘Old-School’ way and they told me to stay focused on THEIR system…

The problem was, THEIR system wasn’t working for me.

So I made a bold decision to make Social Media work for me and to teach it to my team.

If I wouldn’t have made that bold decision, I would have probably quit my business and who knows where I’d be today?

I can promise you that I wouldn't be living the amazing life that I have today where I wake up every morning to an inbox full of people that have reached out to me, requesting more information.

I used to chase people down and most often they would shoot me down or give me some sort of lame excuse for why they couldn’t buy or join.

Life’s not only better, it’s a little easier and fun since I’ve learned how to use Social Media.

The FULL Unlimited Fan Page Profits Training Course: Priority access to all 6 Video Modules with downloadable, checklists & cheat sheets. Value - $2,804

The FULL Power Bonus Bundle: Priority access to all 6 Video BONUS Modules, Tools, and Resources. - Value - $1,018

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $3,822

The Facebook Advertising Bonus Module is worth 2X the entire training program alone because it’s my exact weekly FB Ad strategy that I’ve implemented in my business for the last 2 years that’s built me up to a 7-Figure Online Brand.

I’m super excited to welcome you (and watch you execute your first wildly profitable Social Media Marketing Plan)

I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Unlimited Fan Page Profits TODAY at the special promo price of just...

Then I want to reward your commitment to growing and automating your business with the most COMPLETE Facebook Marketing course available.

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you: