What if you could attract perfect-for-you buyers, clients & customers from social media and convert them into life-long raving buyers that obsessively love and share your brand with everyone they know?

All while having this system work for you on Autopilot so you can focus on fun and more important things in your life, instead of spinning your wheels on social media all day long!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is my proven system for reaching your perfect potential buyers, using my strategic content marketing plan powered by your website and blog.

If you don’t have your own website or blog and you’re building an online business or brand…

Listen Up

Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Don’t Get Lost In The Social Media News feed…
People Need To Find Your Goodness

Give me a “heck yeah” if you want to build an Influential Brand that people obsessively share, love, and talk about. All While just “being yourself” and following a simple roadmap.

AND without spending your days glued to the screen like a social media addict that needs serious help…
(Hmm… do I really need to do these silly dance moves too?).

AND without fake following people, creeping social groups for leads or refreshing the page every 2 mins to check on any new comments, likes, follows or views.

This is precisely why I created The Ultimate Branding Blueprint.

It’s ALL about attracting perfect buyers to you through ‘high value content’ and branding!

Who The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Can Help Most…

Course Creators, Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers, Content Creator, Coaches, Network Marketers, Real Estate Professionals, Authors, Designers, Artists, ______________ (insert any title that needs customers, buyers or clients)

Business owners that want a consistent and reliable flow of amazing leads that are perfect to work with or have as customers/clients.

Hey there friend!

My name is Tanya Aliza.

I'm the CEO and founder of Ultimate Branding LLC, and I help business owners and entrepreneurs like you grow their brands and attract buyers online using social media.

Since 2010, I've been in the trenches with thousands of Entrepreneurs and have helped them go from spinning their wheels to building successful booming businesses.

In fact, chances are you're here on this page because my strategies work, and I want to show you how to make this work for YOU, with YOUR perfect potential buyers!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint system is the structural foundation of my multi-million dollar brand and business.

Every week, I implement exactly what I teach in the program and every week, we generate tens of thousands of dollars and make many sales from my website and blog.

Results like this...

Before I discovered this strategy and system, I spent countless hours glued to the screen scouring the web trying to figure out how to grow my business online.

I tried everything and I spent a lot of money trying to ‘figure it out’.

The ONE big thing I learned was that, just because you SEE someone doing something online, doesn’t mean it's working or bringing revenue…

AND, followers, views, likes and comments DO NOT equal profits.

You can have a small audience and a BIG BANK ACCOUNT.

Alternatively, you can have a BIG AUDIENCE and a small bank account.

The magic comes from knowing how to position yourself to attract your ideal audience and how to successfully convert those wandering eyes into excited buyers.

THIS system and plan is what I’m VERY good at helping you create.

Not only have I been using this system inside my own multiple 7-figure brand, but I’ve helped thousands of others get this set up and running too!

If you’re looking for a proven system that stands the test of time, beyond any weird TikTok trend, or social media fad, you’re in the right spot!

People are searching for the benefits of what you, your product or service can provide…

You just have to have the right way to draw them in to YOU and to convert them into a loyal, life-long buyer.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is your easy-to-follow
click-by-click guide that helps you:


Set up your brand infrastructure that builds up your credibility & makes you stand out in a crowded social media world

Use my pre-designed templates and simple step-by-step video instructions to create your very own, drool-worthy, website & blog in less than 72 hours.

This is the non-techy version, so buckle up and get ready to SHINE without having to shell out $3000 for a new website (but look like you did!)


Discover WHO your perfect buyer should be

Learn how to build a proper client avatar that brings extreme clarity and focus into your brand messaging so your audience hangs on the edge of their seat for your next posts, offers, recommendations and suggestions.



Create your Brand Identifier

Your brand identifier is like your ‘tag line’. It’s the first thing people see on your social media profiles and your website. It’s how your audience identifies with you and how they know they’re in the right place when they have their first interaction with you.

First impressions are key and your audience needs to know how you can serve and help them.


Create Posts That Sell

My Million Dollar weekly content strategy that I’ve been using since 2014. I still use it today because it’s been the #1 sales strategy in my business that’s FREE. (no paid ads required).

I break down my 5 P’s to 7-figures roadmap. How I Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote and Profit each week from just ONE piece of content that I create.


Your Brand launch + visibility plan

How to LAUNCH your new website and how to get it in front of the right audience.

Your weekly promotion map, all done-4 -you and ready to follow and put into action!

Without having this system and infrastructure in place for your brand, you’re just another account on social media trying to get the attention of anyone that might engage or listen to you....

AND if they do engage, you’ve lost them 2 seconds later to a cute dog video that squirreled their attention away from you and you’ve lost each other in the crowded sea of social media.

They MAY have been a perfect buyer, but they’re gone and they forgot about you.

Close your eyes and imagine the flip side… You have a clearly defined brand, you know exactly WHO your ideal buyer is and you have a professional looking website and blog.

The next post you make on social media is strategically created to attract your ideal audience and you include a call-to-action that brings them over to the ‘content that sells’ on your website.

Your ideal audience says:
‘wow, this looks professional’
‘wow, this content is helpful’
‘wow, I really think [insert your name] is cool'



NOW you’re different and CREDIBLE compared to everyone else on social media

NOW you have their ATTENTION

NOW you make CONSISTENT sales

Each week I create ONE high value post on my website
that helps my ideal audience.

In that post I make recommendations and suggestions that lead my audience into product sales.

I use social media as the vehicle to attract my ideal audience to my website and

my website does all the heavy lifting for me:

Positions me as a credible authority that people look up to

Showcases my products and services

Helps my audience learn about me and how I can help them

Hosts my content and people find me through Google or other search engines

Works for me and brings me leads and sales 24/7 (even while I’m sleeping)

Safeguards my brand in the event of a social media shut down or transition (remember MySpace… yeah I forgot about it too;)

Many people have asked me to show them how to build, create and implement this strategy that they see me use each week.

And this is exactly why I created The Ultimate Branding Blueprint.

It’s just like having me over at your house and showing you how to put all the pieces in place!

Except through the computer screen and without you having to cook me dinner! I have some weird gluten, dairy, chicken and corn allergies…

It's way more complicated to cook for me than it is to dive in and complete the virtual program I created for you.

2 Monthly Payments of


A one-time payment of


What’s Inside The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

5 Core Modules Packed With Step-By-Step Video Instructions, Workbooks, Checklists & Done-4-You Templates

Module One

Your Irresistible Brand Identity

Build your ‘Attractive Character’ and ‘Brand Identifier’ that your ideal buyer can’t resist
Create your ‘Buyer Avatar’ so you know exactly who to create content for that will take action with you.
Discover your brand identity colors to help you stand out and shine

($412 Value)

Module Two

Your Foundational Brand Toolbox

Set up your brand’s 3 foundational tools with my quick-start video instructions
Secure your brand’s domain, hosting and professional email address

($312 Value)

Module Three

Your Professional Website & Blog

Stand out in your niche!

Copy and use my plug-and-play professionally designed templates with step-by-step instructions to get your professional looking website up and running lightning fast!
The easy ‘do-it-yourself ‘button to a professionally designed ‘make you shine’ website, without spending thousands of dollars or waiting months for the finished product.

($997 Value)

"You don’t just want a pretty little website that makes you look good… You want to make sales!"

Many websites and blogs can easily look pretty… but pretty and optimized for sales are two different things.
I show you how to have both!

Module Four

Your Captivating Money Maker Pages

Use my done-4-you page templates to create the 7 ‘Must Have’ pages on your website. All you have to do is upload your images, insert your text and possibly change the colors to match your brand.
Complete with step-by-step video instructions on how to best optimize these money maker pages to serve your ideal audience so you stand out and make sales.

($899 Value)

Module Five

Content Marketing 101

Learn how to create content that magnetically draws in your ideal audience and converts them into excited buyers
How to create the best content schedule for you and how to stay committed for maximum leads and sales.
Where I get my best content ideas and how you can use these same spots to grab ideas for your brand (it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in)
My Step-by-step blog content publishing tutorial and checklist.
Your new Website LAUNCH PLAN!

($199 Value)

Add If $2819 Of Value Isn't enough...
Of Course I Have Some Bonuses Included For You To Supercharge Your Content & Buyer Attraction Marketing Plan

Bonus 1

The ‘Apply To Work With You’ Process

($319 Value)

A complete video walk-through on how to add an application form to your website. This application can be used to have people apply to work with you, to get a free consultation or strategy session or anything else that helps you start the sales conversation with them in a ‘HIGH TOUCH’ way.

Bonus 2

DIY Graphic Design
- No Design Skills Necessary!

($129 Value)

Canva 101 brand tutorial - My favorite free tool
How to create plug-and-play brand templates for all your branding graphics
How to design all your brand and website graphics in 3 easy steps without an expensive graphic designer and wasted back and forth revisions

Bonus 3

7 Ways To Promote Your Brand & Website To Attract Your Perfect Buyer

($197 Value)

My favorite ‘secret’ spots online to find amazing potential buyers
Never wonder ‘where am I going to find people that are interested?’ again

Bonus 4

5 Pillar ‘Buyer Attractor’ Posts

($97 Value)

These are my 5 Pillar blog posts that work hard to bring me endless leads and sales 24/7
Use one of these posts to crush every objection your buyer might have so you can throw manual objection handling out the window and win their business over any competitor your audience might also be considering.

Bonus 5

Email List Building 101

($187 Value)

Learn the importance of building a loyal following of subscribers…

and NO this is not a ‘Sign Up for my newsletter strategy’.
No one wants to be on a boring email list to get more emails. It’s all about having the right free offer for your audience.

Bonus 6

My ‘Get Found On Google’ Formula

($112 Value)

My 8-point SEO checklist to make sure your website content is ready to get ranked in Google!
Supercharge your brand visibility when people search for topics and your content comes up and they discover your website and brand… without paying for ads!

Bonus 7

My Brand Review Client Coaching Sessions

($197 Value)

Look over my shoulder and watch as I review 4 of my Client’s brands and websites. Pay attention to what I dissect and create strategies around, so you can take these optimization recommendations into your brand and website to make it the best it can be to achieve your ‘buyer attraction’ goals.

Bonus 8

Private Member Support Community + Dedicated Email Support
(12 months access)

($300 Value)

Access to our private Facebook support community
Share your website, get suggestions and feedback and network with an active group of other Entrepreneurs all growing our brands online.

All You Get When You EnrolL

Grab over $4357 worth of Value from me while enrollment is open!

2 Monthly Payments of


A one-time payment of


A 30 Day ‘Test It - Apply It’ Guarantee

I 100% guarantee you’ll love this training!

Join The Ultimate Branding Blueprint today, go through all the videos, download all the bonuses and implement the work.

But, if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get waaaaay more value than what you invested, simply email us at support@tanyaaliza.com with your work attached, within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll happily refund you in full.

What Tanya’s Clients Have To Say
(I use screenshots so you know my clients are real)

Questions? We’re Here To Help.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not an expert or a content creator… who would listen to me?

Guess what? You don't have to be one!
You just need to have a tiny edge. When you know slightly more than others, you can offer them your expertise.

That's because people pay for convenience, ease, and speed.

That tiny edge that you have will cut the path shorter for others who want to be at the same place as you are.

Besides, every expert you see today while you silently whisper to yourself, "wow, I wish I could do this," was once a beginner who took action.

Progress over perfection all day!

 I'm not tech-savvy, can I really build my own website?

I’m not either. Very few people are.

And in that case, Module three has you covered. That's precisely why I've created such a detailed training in the first place.

So that my non-tech-savvy brand builders could easily follow my click-by-click steps and create a stellar website without anyone's help.

Plus… I give you my no-fail, plug-and-go templates to use. Just switch out my photo with yours, add your text (with my guidance) and keep or change the colors to match your brand!

In fact, I had a client by the name of Penny that was 81 years’ young and she was able to build her own website… so if she can do it, I know you can do it!

The dollars you'll save are just a nice cherry on top!

I’m a little tight on time… How long will it take to go through the program?

If you've known me for any length of time, you know how BIG I am on time freedom and how I have literally helped hundreds of people achieve that.

Luckily for you, The Ultimate Branding Blueprint shows you how to do it in the quickest, easiest, and in the most risk-free way possible. All the videos are detailed yet concise, so you can make progress with 15-30 minutes a day. Whether you do that first thing in the morning or right before you doze off is entirely up to you, since all the videos are self-paced.  

If you take action while following each video lesson, you can expect that in a few weeks from now, you'll have your very own website up and launched.

What tools do you recommend for the website and are there any additional costs?

Yes! We love tools. Tools make automation work and life easy… provided you’re using the right tools!

My philosophy has always been, run your business lean and mean. With that in mind, we recommend and teach using 4 tools when getting your website up and running. 2 are free and 2 are paid.

You will need hosting and the theme to build your website.

Budget an additional $12.50/mo or $150/yr for these tools that we show you how to use.

What type of business does this work for?

Great question.

 If your goal is to attract more buyers, clients or customers… or to simply build your brand and audience, THIS program is for you. I work with 100’s of different types or brands and business owners.

Do I have a limited amount of time to access the program?

You have lifetime access and one whole year of customer support!

You can go as fast as you can through it, or take as much time as you need.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes of course! Join today, go through all the videos, download all the bonuses and implement the work.

But, if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get waaaaay more value than what you invested, simply email us at support@tanyaaliza.com with your work attached and we’ll happily refund you in full.

I have another question.

Okay great, we’re here to help. Email us at support@tanyaaliza.com


Grab over $4357 worth of Value from me while enrollment is open!

2 Monthly Payments of


A one-time payment of


The Time Is Now!

As you can see, I’m very passionate about my business model.
I use this strategy consistently each and every week, because it flat out works.

I’m not big on hype… but I am big on results.

I hope you help you get the results you’re looking for.
Here’s your chance to copy my business model, content marketing and branding strategy!

Let’s get to work.

Enroll in The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Today!

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