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with Tanya Aliza

The hands-on, step-by-step
“6-weeks-to-a-sales-focused-funnel” for entrepreneurs who want to see perfect-leads come in all day, every day (without the tech overwhelm,
information overload, and half-baked “tactics”)

PSA: This is not your usual home study course.
This is Bootcamp, baby

This means you get support, accountability, and (gentle) butt-kicking so you can implement as you go and have an automated sales funnel in 6 weeks.

45% of entrepreneurs report being stressed compared to 42% of “other workers.”
(source: Gallup Wellbeing Index)

FACT: The stress of being an entrepreneur is REAL.

You’re constantly figuring out the next step for your business, distracted by shiny object syndrome, and trying to “justify” your business to your family.
You know what you want and maybe, even how to get there but you worry. You worry you’re missing the “steps”.
You worry about the tech needed to set up the “systems” you need so you can attract buyers.
You worry about finding the time between juggling Zoom classes for the kids, playing chauffeur, making dinners, and basically, trying to live a life.
Most of all, you worry that even if you end up doing ALL the things, you’ll still be in the same place, a bit like the Flintstones in their little caveman car. The feet are moving fast, but you aren’t going anywhere.

THAT worry is real.

Figuring out “funnel speak”, feeling like you’re stuck on a spinning wheel with constant activity for very little growth, and watching your sales trickle in while your expenses stack up...

This is NOT what you signed up for.

Seeing more money go out than come in. Financial freedom feels like a constantly moving goal post.
Stuck on your phone all day long, missing those all-important moments with your kids. Your calendar hasn’t seen a vacation marked on it in forever!
Struggling to find direction, clarity... and confidence because it’s hard to feel confident when nothing you do seems to stick.
Spending hours listening to social media “gurus” spouting regurgitated, untested “hacks” that do more harm than good.
Signing up for program-after-program only to find you’re no further than you were at the beginning but are now deeper in debt.

The whole idea of FREEDOM feels like a fancy fairytale without the happily ever after.

Raise your hand if you feel like every influencer (and their aunt!) tells you they have the “magic recipe” for big money paydays but then they coolly forget to give you the “steps”

I’ve been exactly where you’re right now.

I’ve tried the “hustle hard” culture and
realized it isn’t a good fit for me.

I attended multiple “marketing” events only to get the same old-school sales drivel that doesn’t work in the modern world.
Because here’s the thing…

It’s easy to sell the dream.

It’s tougher to show you HOW to make that dream happen, from A-Z.

Let’s change that NOW!

But first, let’s get to know each other.

A Mentor to the modern marketer who wants multiple streams of income with integrity, ease, and intention.

Hey there! I’m Tanya Aliza and I’ve been an online marketer since 2009. Yep, totally dating myself there.

But I believe it’s important you know that I’m not the usual “influencer” coach who shows up one day and shares regurgitated “hacks” and
half-baked “tactics” that do more harm than good.

I’ve seen the evolution of online marketing and I firmly believe…
… working smarter, not harder will get you there faster.

“There” being wherever you want to go.

For me, “there” was having a lifestyle business that supported not only my dreams and vision but also the dreams of others.

Today, I’m proud to say that I have a multi-million dollar business and I serve an “online family” that’s over 32,845-strong.

On the personal front, I spend LOTS of time golfing, traveling, gardening, watching football (Go Packers!), drinking red wine, and cuddling with my fur baby, Loya!

But it wasn’t always roses and rainbows for me. I’m no unicorn.

I started out with absolutely NO idea what it took to be an online entrepreneur.

I’ve experienced what a lack of business strategy can do.
I’ve seen first-hand the impact of burnout and financial losses.
I’ve dealt with betrayals by business partners, heart-breaking divorces, and loss on a deep, personal level.

BUT... I learned.

With each misstep, I learned. With each loss, I developed resilience.

It took years of investing in myself, testing, experimenting, failing (yesss!), and finding that sometimes, the simplest of systems yield the greatest results.

So now, I give the best foundational and advanced strategies to you and the marketers, who, like you, want a confusion-free and easy-to-execute sales and revenue system.

I share my best strategies that will work for ANY business, ANY product, ANY brand.

I back every step-by-step strategy I share, not only by my personal experience of applying it to my business. Entrepreneurs and marketers, like YOU, test it as well.

Trusted by 27,407 Smart Marketers AND these Rock Stars:

Here’s how you’ll go from struggling with sales to creating consistent revenue streams with engaged, perfect-for-you buyers. All the steps laid out for you.

A Step-by-Step, Zero-Stress
Revenue Generation System for Smart Marketers Who Want REAL RESULTS in 6 Weeks FLAT!

Lay The Foundation For Your Lifestyle Business

Your Essential List Building Foundation

In this module, you’ll get step-by-step lessons to understand exactly HOW to:

Build a business that aligns with the lifestyle you desire.
Shift your mindset to one of abundance and clarity.
Develop consistent, lasting results with a freebie funnel.
Know exactly WHO to attract as a perfect buyer.
Use my secret Brand Identifier Formula for captivating the attention of your best people.

Understand Exactly HOW To Give VALUE To Your Audience

Crafting Your Irresistible Freebie

Ditch confusion and overwhelm with this module, where you’ll master HOW to:

Create the perfect-for-you freebie for rapid list building and sales. You’ll use my special “secret formula” to speed up this process.
Name your freebie so it stands out even in crowded niches and magnetizes distracted attention spans.
Include subtle sales triggers in your freebie so it helps you make sales while you sleep.
Navigate the tech involved without feeling like you’re behind the 8-ball.
Feel completely confident about sharing real VALUE with your audience.

Discover The Easy Ways To Automate The Buyer Attraction Process

Build The Funnel with Your Money Maker Page
(Take-it-Easy Template INCLUDED!)

Automating isn’t complicated. You’ll discover that with this module when you master HOW to:

Get more exposure for your offer with easy-to-follow tutorials that show you how to shoot a sales video and upload it.
Examples included!
Create your success toolkit with essentials that will help you create a funnel minus the frustration. Tech tutorials AND my proprietary plug-and-play template will walk you through every step so you aren’t floundering like a fish on dry land.
Position your offer in your specific freebie funnel so you never wonder where your next sale is coming from.

 Create Easy Connection Mechanisms That Feel Good To You

Build The Funnel: The Money Is In The List

When you set up easy ways to stay connected with your engaged audience, it’s easier to sell. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Captivate an audience you own versus a social media following.
Craft compelling emails to deliver your freebie to your engaged audience.
Create your list and set it up with my preferred email software and a step-by-step tutorial.

 Shift From Simply Attracting Prospects To Finding Ready-To-Pay Buyers

Build The Funnel: Create Immediate Sales

Finding ready-to-pay buyers is easy when you know exactly what to add to your funnel so it converts. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Use my proprietary “Immediate Money Maker” Script to turn brand-new subscribers into loyal buyers.
Record a powerful Thank You page video and host it easily with the help of our set up tutorials.
Set up a sales-boosting Thank You page with the 6 key elements that most entrepreneurs overlook.

 Pour Fuel On Your Sales Automation System Without Over Complicating It

Building The Funnel: The Magical Front Door

Now that you have the funnel set up, it’s time to open the door and welcome free-flowing sales! In this module, you’ll discover HOW to:

Create a high-converting freebie offer page so you attract perfect buyers, give great value, and close sales with confidence.
Connect all the pieces with our easy-to-follow tutorials that take you from step one to done!
Use free and low-cost tools to create a professional and branded offer page for your audience.

 Celebrations & Champagne Moments

Graduation Ceremony & Your Very First Lead!

Sales automation is simple but it needs your watchful eye so you don’t leave money on the (virtual) table. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Test your funnel & generate for first lead!
Audit your funnel with our nifty step-by-step Testing checklist.
A Special Graduation Ceremony with Tanya to celebrate YOU and your new Freebie Funnel

(Total Real World Value $2997)

Curious About Your Bootcamp Experience?

Sneak a peek at your Bootcamp dashboard!

This is the end of information overload!
You’ll set up YOUR fully automated, sales-focused system in 6 weeks!

But let’s keep going...
Growth is sexy when it’s simple.

You’ll build the foundation of your consistent revenue system with the core content and then…

...FAST-TRACK your sales with

Bonus 1: The ‘Bootcampers’ Only Campfire Club - 8 Weeks Full Support Group


Get all the hand-holding and support you need for the duration of the 6-week Bootcamp AND for 2 additional weeks so you can catch up and get feedback, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and feel supported as you set up your sales system with confidence.

Bonus 2: Your Lifestyle Business Marketing Manual: How to Leverage Social
Media for Loads of Leads Even If You’re Not an Influencer or an Extrovert!


This step-by-step 3 video training pack will walk you through my best-kept ‘Organic & Free’ Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube strategies for positioning your freebie online so it attracts and captivates audience attention and brings in a steady stream of customers and clients.

Bonus 3: Money Multiplier: Create More Revenue Streams with Affiliate Marketing


Incorporating multiple streams of income is a smart marketer move for sure. I have NINE streams of revenue and in this masterclass, I’ll walk you through HOW to use affiliate offers that your audience will love.

You’ll know exactly what to include inside your freebie funnel so you maximize your earning potential without working longer hours or feeling defeated by that first “no.”

Bonus 4: Non-Sleazy Emails that Sell for You: Attract Effortless Sales with Nurturing, Well-Written Emails Even If You’re NOT a Natural Writer


Build an engaged and active audience that’s always ready to buy with my secret 3-Message Formula that spurs subscribers to take action.

Plus, swipe my templates to nurture your audience so you can continue to give them value without feeling like you’re shooting in the dark.

(Total Bonus Pack Value $2688)

Best part?
You’ll do all of this protected by the
Tanya Aliza “Execute with Excellence” Promise

I’ve tested out the My List Building Bootcamp method with hundreds of personal clients and my own business. I’ve seen the impact it can make on your income and your peace-of-mind.

This step-by-step, high-touch program is designed to give you the confidence you need to create an automated sales system for your business without flinging more spaghetti at the wall.

Every pixel of this program breathes excellence.

This is why I know that when you execute with excellence too, the Bootcamp reaps rich dividends.

Show up, do the work, and be open to unlearning outdated tactics and embracing modern marketing strategies that serve and sell.

You have a FULL 60 Days to give this Bootcamp a real workout.

If you do the work and you still don't feel it was worth it to your business, simply email my team, submit your work and request a full 100% refund.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

You have the confidence of knowing that my Freebie Method and processes have been put to the ultimate test 

Bootcampers who are serious about growing their business say “YES” after they get answers to these questions...

Q1. I’ve already invested in so many courses. How will this be any different?

I hear you, loud and clear. We, ALL, have waaay too many programs lying ignored and unused in our archives.

That’s exactly why THIS is a Bootcamp with built-in accountability so you’ll implement and BUILD with me, week-to-week.

Here’s what I know… This Bootcamp is definitely NOT another “course” that collects digital dust.

Q2. Tech overwhelms me. Will this Bootcamp walk me through everything step-by-step?

YES! You will get tech tutorials for every stage so you never have to wonder what to do next. Plus, you’ll get recommendations for tools to use as well so you wouldn’t burn money on the wrong software or tools.

Q3. I’m just getting started with my business. Should I create a funnel now or wait? 

OMGOSH, YES!! So, here’s the truth… I wish I’d started list building from Day ONE of my business. Because when you have an email list of engaged, excited-to-hear-from-you leads, you can stop scrambling for sales.

Which is why I always tell my clients… The best time to start building your list is yesterday and since yesterday is gone, today is the next best time. 

Q4. I’m not an expert in my industry. How will this help me? 

That’s totally okay because here’s what you need to know…

Building your list WILL help you position yourself an expert and as a person of value.

Which is why when your prospects are looking to hire or buy, they’ll gravitate towards YOU.
Because they’ll see you as a valuable and trusted resource.

And here’s the best part, you’ll learn exactly how to be seen as an expert and how to offer real value right here in the Bootcamp.

PLUS… You’ll have ME on your side helping you understand exactly how to become the go-to expert with your email list.

Q5. I know I need a funnel. I even have a funnel. But I don’t have customers. Will this help me?  

I hear you. The fact that you already have a funnel means you know that it can work but because it isn’t bringing customers in, it means it isn’t set up the way it should be.

That is exactly why Module 7 in the Bootcamp is about testing your funnel.

The advantage of being in the Bootcamp is that you will not only learn strategies that I’m personally using in my million-dollar business but you’ll also get support and accountability from my team and me in the Facebook group.

You’ll finally set up the funnel you need the right way so you can start to attract engaged buyers. 

Q6. I’ve already taken Tanya’s programs. Is this all-new information? 

YES! This is all-new information. I’ve refined and distilled my list-building strategies to suit the post-pandemic world.

You’ll walk through a radical and revolutionary process that is perfectly suited to the current economic conditions so you don’t burn money or get distracted by shiny objects.

Instead, you’ll be laser-focused and because I’m going to be right there working WITH you, you can fast-track your growth and success.

Q7. How much time will I need to go through the Bootcamp?

So, while you will have LIFETIME access to the course content for as long as I run the program, the Bootcamp itself is 6 weeks. Moreover, because I’m known for my no-fluff, all-content style, you’ll find that the videos are laser-focused I would carve out 2-3 hours a week to consume and implement each lesson.

Every week will have a specific step to complete that’ll take you closer to your finished freebie funnel!

Q8. What kind of results can I expect to see? 

Excellent question and I like that you’re looking at your return on investment. So, while results will differ for every student, most students will see targeted leads and even, sales come in.

But what I can tell you, for sure, is this… If you show up and execute every week, you will walk away with tangible assets for your business in the shape of a solid, sales-focused funnel so you can continue to build your email list with confidence.

Q9. I have more questions. Can I contact you?

Absolutely! Feel free to reach us in ANY of these ways. You can email us at support@tanyaaliza.com or use the LiveChat feature right here on the page OR you can message us directly on Facebook right here.  

For 60 seconds, picture what a flood of leads, sales, and customers will do for your business. And your life.

You wake up every morning excited and refreshed.
The anxiety-filled, sleepless nights are no longer your normal.

Your kids bound into the room and demand “pancakes” for breakfast. With extra chocolate chips.

You happily comply. On a school day, no less. But stressful and hectic days are no longer a thing for your family.

You head into your home office and power up the iMac. As you check in on your business, you see sales that happened from your Freebie Funnel overnight.

Scanning through your inbox, you’re excited about the leads that have raised their hand to YOUR product/service.

People want to buy from you, hire you and work with you.

There’s even a couple who want you to mentor them.
Wow! And you just got invited to be a guest on a major-league podcast! BOOM!

A quick look at your numbers for the month shows  you’re clearly on track for your best year ever.
And boy, does it feel good?!

You finally have a system in place that literally runs while you sleep so you can wake up to leads and sales.

You now know what freedom looks and feels like.
It’s like a weight’s lifted off your shoulders.
It feels easy and fun.

You’re comfortable and confident being the business owner you know you were meant to be.
Impostor syndrome and entrepreneur exhaustion are GONE!

Bootcamp + Bonuses Total Real World Value



6 Core Content Modules + Lessons delivered over 6 weeks, with step-by-step strategies and walk-through lessons to easily set up your Automated Sales Funnel.
Worksheets, Checklists & Templates so you can implement fast 
Lifetime Access to Support, Feedback, & Accountability from Tanya Aliza and team in the members-only Facebook group.
The Influencer's Marketing Roadmap: How to professionally market your Freebie Funnel on Social Media
(For FREE) to get loads of leads.
Creating Multiple Streams of Income With Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing 101
(Tanya's Templates Included)

You'll also get Exclusive Access to
‘The Entrepreneur’s Mastery Summit’ This summit includes 4 full sessions of Marketing,
Wealth Building & Financial Education with Tanya and some of her personal coaches & financial experts.

Hey friend, you made it to the end.
Now, here’s what I’d tell you if you and I were sipping Pinot Noir on my porch...

You’ve tried the hard way, my fellow rock star.
It’s time to try the smart way.

You’ve read the books.
You’ve bought the tools.
You’ve even taken programs by the dozen.
But you’re still feeling like you’re stuck in a time warp

Doing the same things, seeing the same results.

And I know, it feels scary to invest in yourself, yet again

But here’s the thing…
Not only are you protected by my promise but you’re also supported every step of the way.

You became an entrepreneur to fulfill lifelong dreams, accomplish big goals, create a lasting legacy.

I can’t let you quit on that.
I can’t let you quit on debt-free living and vacations for your family.
I can’t let you quit on being able to replace your full-time job with your flourishing business.
I just can’t.

Because as your mentor, I promise to show up and execute with excellence so you can kick confusion to the curb like a crushed soda can.

And I hope you take me up on the invitation to be a part of this one-of-a-kind, step-by-step Bootcamp to create a system that actually works to attract perfect buyers - wallets in hand, credit cards out… ready to give you their money.

Are you ready to Execute with Excellence and see those Leads come in?

Please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions

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