I’m Committed & Dedicated To Helping Entrepreneurs In The Biggest Way I've Ever Seen. Your People Are About To Be Exposed To Massive, Long Term Results In 6 Short Weeks… and I want them to LOVE you for sharing this with them!

This isn’t something I’m testing out… It’s a PROVEN SUCCESS PATH that I’ve been able to teach that gets people FAST, but long term results.

I’ve held a very exclusive Mastermind called The Ultimate Branding Experience (maybe you’ve heard of it). This has been the ONLY place that I’ve taught my ‘Freebie to Sales’ Method and once someone implements these steps, they see immediate leads and for some… immediate sales.

I’ve had so much success with this program over the last 6 years, that I decided to open it up to more than just 50 people a year.

With the recent changes that this unfortunate Pandemic has caused, business owners need this information more than ever, so I’m virtualizing it and GOING BIG!

We tested the virtual training earlier this year with a group of 50 Entrepreneurs that have products or services that they sell, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

Amazing Day!

43 new leads and 4 new sales (that's $97 a sale!)
Just from the work we
completed today!

Frederic Six

So Excited!

98 new leads in 48 hours... BOOM! Thanks Tanya, you ROCK!

Elizabeth Mallory Olivia

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In less than a year...

from working with Tanya,
I went on to create 4 additional income streams, a 6-Figure Business, and I found a way to run a portion of my business on Auto-Pilot!

Julie Burke

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Name of the program:  My List Building Bootcamp
Who the program is for: Anyone that has products or services that they sell. Anyone who is an Influencer, Network Marketer, Course Creator, Coach, Affiliate Marketer, Freelance Entrepreneur, Real Estate Professional, Fitness Pro, Nutritionist ETC.
What the program will do: I walk my students through a 6-week curriculum that helps them understand their ideal customer and their brand message. We build out a personalized Freebie Funnel that builds a strong and powerful relationship with their audience so they can make sales with ease. I teach them follow up strategies through list building and posting on social media so that they can attract an engaged audience of perfect buyers. After my Bootcamp, they should never run out of people to talk to that are interested in what they are selling or offering.
How this program is different: I will be holding the group accountable over the 6-week Bootcamp and making sure they implement what's needed to get the results they want. This is NOT a ‘buy-it-and-shelf-it-to-collect-dust’ program. We get it done together… no excuses.

My List Building Bootcamp

6 Week Bootcamp - $997 (3 payment plan available)
VIP Option - $1997 (3 payment plan available)
Bootcamp Commission -  40% Commission


Done 4 You Option - $2997 (2 payment plan available)
Upsell Commission -  10% Commission

Potential Earnings Per Sale = $1098.50

1st Place Winner

$10,000 Cold Hard Cash*

I suggest taking the payout in $1 bills and building yourself a money couch… this will make for some good Social Media Pics LOL

* Must sell a minimum of 50 Bootcamp tickets

2nd Place Winner

$3,000 Cool Hard Cash*

I suggest requesting Tanya to come over to make it rain dollar bills while we TikTok this to the song ‘All I Do Is Win, Win, Win No Matter What’... this should also help with at least 10 new TikTok followers between the ages of 10-21 (Bonus followers!)

* Must sell a minimum of 15 Bootcamp tickets

3rd Place Winner

$1,000 Too Legit To Quit Cash*

If you ain’t first you’re last… but at least you can celebrate with a nice dinner and some good wine in this race.

* Must sell a minimum of 5 Bootcamp tickets

Everyone's A WINNER!

Sell 25 Bootcamp Tickets and I’ll Give You Insider Access to the Debrief of This Launch.

Here's the thing...

I’ve hired some BIG time professionals in helping me to make this the biggest launch ever… I have a 7-Figure Goal and we’ve reverse engineered everything to make this possible. Everything from a 60 Day Pre-Launch marketing plan to a Facebook Group Challenge to Paid Advertising and more.

At the end of the launch, I will be doing a full breakdown (debrief) on what worked, what our numbers were, what ads worked the best, and more. As a participating affiliate, I will share all these insights with you, so you can get some good ideas in case you want to implement anything that worked well. This is probably the most valuable bonus I can offer to you besides hiring me as a coach.

If you have any questions regarding your affiliate details, promotion or help please send an email to our Affiliate Manager at christian@tanyaaliza.com

To login to your existing affiliate back office please go to www.tanyaaliza.com/partners

Note: Some Details Subject To Small Changes

Pre-Launch FB Group Challenge -
Opens Feb 24th, Starts March 1st, Ends March 5th

This 5 Day Group Challenge will warm our audience up to the ‘Freebie Funnel’ Idea and Tanya will be working with the group to come up with the best Freebie Idea for their product or service that they're trying to sell. After the Challenge Group is wrapped up, Tanya will invite the members to continue their learning with her on the Launch Webinar/Masterclass.
Plan to start promoting into our Launch Masterclass - Monday, March 1st
Big Launch Webinar - Tuesday, March 9th & March 10th, 3 pm & 9 pm EST
Cart Open - March 9th through March 19th

We will be doing multiple Launch Webinars and Lives throughout the Launch. My strong recommendation to get the most sales is to invite to the
Pre-Launch FB Group Challenge
. This will allow me to build a relationship with your people so they feel comfortable taking the next step with me.

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