TANYA ALIZA's New Virtual Workshop


How to Attract Wealth, Success, Clarity & Happiness With My Simple, 5 Step, 22 min Morning Routine.

You'll Have Full Clarity
You'll be unstoppable

Every direction you turn people are trying to sell you training to
‘help you build your business’
It's not about Tactics

Tactical training like Tik Toc, Instagram Reels, Social Media Templates might look rewarding

BUT… WITHOUT this ONE piece of the puzzle in place

NONE of these tactical trainings will ever help you.

In fact… they might get you some results… but you’ll find yourself in a spot where you’re still frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted.

As Entrepreneurs and Business owners, we need:

And a PLAN if we’re ever going to build that business, that not only gives us the results, but gives us the Freedom and Lifestyle we’re looking for.

What if you had my exact, easy to follow, Millionaire Morning Routine that sets you up for Wealth, Success, Clarity & Happiness... in ALL areas of your life?

The same routine that...

Helped me reach Multi Millionaire Status
Attracted the best team of leaders that help run my business
Brought me my dream relationship
Helps me win every affiliate or sales contest I want to win
Attracts business deals with Influencers that have exploded my brand
Injects excitement, motivation and passion into my business
Helps me condition my mind to have a better relationship with money

YES… I also teach business building tactics and strategy….

BUT, I found that none of that works without this routine in place
which FUELS everything.

I want to give you my exact routine that I implement each morning that has been the reason for all my success.

Beth Graves - Millionaire Morning Routine

Personal Client

"I hit a wall emotionally, physically and with my business when Tanya magically appeared. She showed me that success doesn't just come from hard work. It comes from creating the right vision and only saying YES to the right actions. After implementing Tanya's routine, I was featured in Success From Home Magazine, we bought a Lake House that I always wanted and I was able to send my daughter to her dream college (debt free). The business is booming, but more importantly, I have clarity and happiness in everything I do. Thank you for opening my eyes to this work. "

Beth Graves

If you find yourself: Exhausted, Overwhelmed, Overworked and underpaid, Unfocused, Unmotivated or without a plan to set you up for success in business and in life

A morning routine like the one I specifically designed and implement can absolutely help.

What if you wake up one morning, open up your messenger and you have an Influencer with 500K followers reach out to you to have you on their podcast to share your story?
What if you win a trip to a 5 star all-inclusive resort in Mexico for your whole family and you all get to hang out with people who are the best at what they do in their business.
What if you attract your next dream business partner?
What if you attract your dream relationship?

These are recent things that I've personally attracted with this powerful 5 step routine!

Stop living in the downward spiraling vortex of being reactive everyday…..
This is about YOU taking control of your life and focusing on the things that you want and attracting them.

Most people wake up, roll over, look at their phone and get sucked into someone else's world.


Wake up and make a decision to create and attract your own dream life.

Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

THIS is your moment to change that.

To do this you need a simple routine.

My name is Tanya Aliza

I’m the CEO and founder of Ultimate Branding LLC. I help business owners and Entrepreneurs grow their brands online using social media.

I implement everything I teach in my own brand and business and have built a multiple 7-figure brand following some very simple steps and routines.

BUT... From 2010-2014 I struggled immensely:

I spent over 12 hours a day on my computer or phone trying to get my business to work

I spent countless dollars on trainings that I never finished

I was so jealous of everyone around me on social media that were gaining traction and I wasn’t

In 2014 something happened that changed my entire life.

I read a book called the Miracle Morning Routine.

Keep in mind… before this book I was NOT a morning person.

BUT I was desperate to try anything to get my life and business going on the right track.

So, like a good student, I started to implement what I learned in the book.

But, there was a challenge that I ran into.

The routine in the book wasn’t made for busy people like me.

SO… I modified it so that it could fit with my extremely busy life.

After 2 weeks of implementing this routine my life dramatically started changing:

I felt a new found level of excitement and motivation in ALL areas of my life
I felt like I was finally implementing Millionaire actions.
I had a huge brand reach out and asked me to be on their Podcast
I did a $434K product launch
I won $25K as a 1st place affiliate in a sale contest
I attracted an exclusive Hawaii vacation
I became a cash millionaire 1 year after I added the focus to my routine.
The list goes on and on…

But something I’m most proud of, I attracted my dream relationship just recently into my life!

This routine has been the single most powerful part of my entire life and business.

In fact, when there are days that I can’t implement it…. My life and business notice it.

As you know…. I love sharing strategies that help me in my life and business.

So I sat down and casually thought about sharing this with you...

Right when I did… I got so excited about doing it, that I knew it was the right thing to do!

This is a very different training direction for me, but this routine will change your life IF you implement… I promise you.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to a NEW workshop I craeted for you called The Millionaire Morning Routine.

I’d love to invite you to join.

In this workshop I’m going to walk you through creating YOUR Millionaire Morning Routine.

Don't want to be a millionaire, or maybe you’re already a money millionaire?

No problem!

Millionaire is a term I use to associate success with…. Not necessarily just money.

You could be on a mission to be a Millionaire Mom or Dad
Millionaire Wife or Husband
Millionaire Business Partner
Have a Millionaire Body...

This focuses on ANY area of your life.
We will create a routine to attract everything that’s important to you.

AND, once you have this blueprint, you can keep implementing and updating it to serve you for the rest of your life.

My personal goals and desires change and evolve all the time…. but I when I attach this routine to everything new that I want… I attract it lightning fast.

THIS is why I’m so excited to share with you how I do this !

Inside of this Workshop
here's what we’re going to do together:

 Lifetime Access Included!

Session #1

How The Law of Attraction Really Works & How To Fast Track It
Let's create your easy to follow morning routine schedule

Session #2

Your Millionaire Vision
Let's create the perfect vision for everything that you're working for. Once you have the Vision, everything falls into place.

Session #3

Your Millionaire Affirmations
Let's create a list of your top desires using my affirmations formula that is proven to bring these into your life lightning fast.

Session #4

Your Millionaire
Virtual Vision Board

Let's create your Virtual Vision Board using one of my favorite free tools.

Session #5

Your Millionaire Energy Levels
Copy my stamina routine so you can feel confident and full of energy throughout the day.

Session #6

Your Millionaire Mind
Learn how I condition my mind to attract wealth, success & happiness.

You can be unstoppable too

"I've used Tanya's routine to attract the right house, a hard-to-find car, my dream horse, hitting one of the top ranks in my business... and even my husband!"

Jordan Maylea

And here we are at the crossroads...

You can keep doing what you’re already doing and you can keep putting this important task to bottom of the list (just remember the definition of insanity)

OR you can join my workshop and get The Millionaire Morning Routine working for you ASAP.

Crazy opportunities are right around the corner waiting for you.

Don't miss this special offer

This is a very special training. I truly hope you see the value and I get to see you in the workshop. 

Everything To Gain & Nothing To Risk...

money back guarantee - Millionaire Morning Routine

I’m so confident that you'll get a ton of value from this workshop.

However, if you go through the workshop and you do the work, but find that it's just not for you and it didn’t add value in your life, please email me and I'll gladly refund your full investment.

So long as you absorb the training and do the work, I’m happy to honor a full refund if you’re not 100% blown away! *We do check your participation and work!

My most asked questions...

What if I don't have a lot of time in the morning to do a morning routine?

I designed this morning routine for busy people like myself. And keep in mind that you can adjust this routine to fit your needs. I only have 22 mins available in the morning for my routine. If all you have is 10 mins this will still work for you! 🙂

Will you offer this workshop again at a later date?

Right now, we have the workshop recordings and training available, however we're not sure how long we will be keeping them up and offering this special price. Try your best to join us today! Success Loves Speed!

What if this workshop doesn't help me?

If you go through the workshop and do the work, but you aren't completely satisfied, please send me an email to and we'll gladly refund your investment within 30 days of your purchase. *please note that we do check that you did the work

Can I share this workshop with my business partners?

Yes of course. Please send them this link and tell them to join us -

I have another question. How do I contact you?

I'm more than happy to help. Please send your questions to and we'll respond within a few hours of that business day!

Don't let this pass you by...

This is going to be a life changing workshop!

I’m so excited for you.
See you there.