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Are You Ready To Double, Triple Or 10X Your Business?


A Personal Message From Tanya

Looking to Create Success Fast In Your Business, While Designing a Life That You Love?

Are you a Home Business Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Speaker or Aspiring Online Entrepreneur looking to double or triple your revenue this year?

Since 2010, I’ve been successfully building my Home Business online through Blogging, Lead Funnels and Social Media. The results have been nothing short of AMAZING and over the last 3 years I’ve consistently brought in over 7-Figures in Income.... while only working about 15 hours a week!

Naturally, when you start accomplishing these kinds of results, people want to know what you’re doing. I’ve had many people ask for personal coaching and mentoring. So in 2015, I launched my live Mastermind event called The Ultimate Branding Experience.

It’s one of the best events I attend each year, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my event. I’m saying that because I see the most RESULTS come out of this event than any others I go to.

* One couple who was struggling online for 2+ years left the Mastermind with a lead funnel that generated them over 300 leads (with phone numbers) for their business that week!

* Another gal from Texas who was very successful prospecting offline, had her lead funnel set up in a day generating high quality leads that very same night.

* Another one of my students made some changes to an existing funnel, created his first product, launched it and generated over $60K in revenue in 2 weeks.

I’m looking to create more of these success stories in 2020!

Masterminds in a workshop setting are, hands down, the best way to create results FAST in your business.

You’re not just sitting there taking notes and left to take action on them by yourself when you get home from the event.

We’re actually building and working inside your business, laptops open and putting the pieces together right then and there.

I’ve steered away from 1-on-1 coaching over the phone because I know that working together side-by-side is the BEST way to get the results that you’re looking for in your business.

Rather than TELLING you what to do, I’m SHOWING you what to do and we’re IMPLEMENTING it immediately TOGETHER.

This is our 6th annual event and we always have a good competitive pool of applicants.

To keep the mastermind intimate, we’re limiting the number of members to just 40 spots... and 5 have already been taken.

I’ve developed a thorough selection process, complete with an interview, to ensure this Mastermind is filled with the right people.. the industry's best Home Business Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, and Online Influencers!

Hint: You don’t already have to be the BEST, but you have to have that mindset!

So, if you feel like a high-level of strategy, coaching and implementation has been missing from your life, I'd like to invite you to submit your application TODAY.

Past Attendees Share Their Experience

Julie Burke

In less than a year from working with Tanya at her Mastermind, I went on to create 4 Additional Income Streams, a 6-Figure Online Business, and I found a way to run a portion of my business on Auto-pilot. Thank you Tanya for all your amazing guidance and wisdom. You're the real deal my friend!

Julie Burke, Professional Network Marketer
Jordan Maylea

On my way home back from Tanya Aliza's Mastermind and I just had to share my results from today… I'm up 44 leads so far for the day, but the most amazing thing is I'm only paying $.89 cents a lead… are you kidding me??? Thank you thank you thank you!

Jordan Maylea, Creator of MLM Boss Babes

This Year Is Planned To Be The Best Yet...
Here's The Articulated Schedule

Hosting this curriculum over the last 5 years, I’ve learned a lot with my clients and THIS year is going to WAY different than the lasts.

I’ve added MORE time with me and MORE Value than ever before so I can create some of the most powerful Success Stories I’ve even created.

6 Powerful Business Building Sessions Before The Live Mastermind PLUS Access To All The Recordings
For 12 Months

Starting May 5th 2020 we will meet twice a week and have Pre-Game sessions together to make sure that we get the foundation of your Business set up properly before the Live Event and we’ll also make sure you have access to the recordings of these sessions for the next 12 months so you can really absorb the content and go back to it when ever you like.

Pre-Game Agenda

Session #1 - Your Ultimate Business Plan

In Session #1 you’re going to gain a clear understanding of the tasks and actions that you need to put in place to hit your annual income goals while building a Leveraged Lifestyle that you love. Every year I take this exact planning system and I’ve used it to double my income each and every year without working more... I actually work less.

I’ll be revealing this system and how you can adopt it into your business to become crystal clear on WHAT you want and HOW to get it fast. This will include my system for becoming the #1 sales affiliate in many different programs, including my Network Marketing company. It all started with this exact execution plan.

Session #2 - Taking YOU & Your Brand Online

In Session #2 I’m going to help you Build Your Brand and I’m going to help you to understand your Brand direction so that it fits perfectly inline with your business and the vision that you have from your dream lifestyle.

This is the spot that most people get stuck and without the right coaching, it can set your sail in the wrong direction that costs you a lot of time, money and frustration.

After session #2 with me, you’ll have a Fun, Unique Brand that people will envy and adore at the same time.

Example: Maybe you’re in a Health and Wellness company do you revolve your Brand around Health and Wellness or do you revolve it around the business/opportunity? After this session you’ll have a this dialed in with a strong tagline that will excite you and pop you out of bed with ambition to live up to the legacy that your Brand emulates.

Session #3 - Your Tribe, Your Community & Your Lifetime Income Plan

In session #3 we’re going to work on designing your perfect avatar so you know exactly WHO you should be attracting and marketing to. This is what we call your TRIBE, and if you can nail this one thing in marketing you can become very rich.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or read an article and ever thought “They totally get me!”... This is because they understood the needs, wants and desires of their audience. If you can understand these variables and implement them into your marketing, you’ll never have to worry about a pay check again for the rest of your life.

This is the exact reason why I can write one email to my list and generate over 5 figures in less than 6 hours.

It’s all about getting this right and fine tuning the language to serve the needs wants and desires of your audience. In this session I’m going to make sure you have this dialed in with my Advanced Avatar exercise so you can build a Tribe of raving fan, followers and loyal buyers.

Session #4 - Your Unique Viral Lead Offer (A.K.A Your Lead Machine!)

In session #4 we’re going to go through creating your Unique Lead Offer so you can generates leads on demand, 24/7, even while you sleep so you can wake up each morning to an email inbox full of people that want to talk to you about your product, service or business.

I’m not talking about some boring offer that no one wants or opts in to.... YUCK! I’m talking about a SEXY, Unique Offer that’s so cool that people share it and it eventually goes Viral!

You see boring offers out there all the time and what good's that going to do for your Brand? You want something that is so sexy that people automatically want to share it and it converts so well that you never have to worry about new interested prospects for your business.

There’s a very cool, simple formula that I’ve used over the years to create my Lead and Webinar Offers and this session I’m going to walk you through this formula so we have a SEXY and Unique Offer designed that your Tribe is going to crave and your Brand is going to become famous for!

Session #5 - Your Sexy, High Converting Sales Funnel

In session #5 I’m going to show you how to build your sales funnel so you can generate sales and signups while you sleep... or while you’re sipping margaritas on the beach. I’ve been doing this successfully since 2010 and I wouldn’t build my business any other way!

This is the secret ingredient to building a 6 or 7 figure business without working a bazillion hours a day running yourself into the ground. You gotta have Automation and your Sales Funnel contributes to this.

In session #5, I’m going to help you put all the pieces together in your sales funnel. I’m going to walk you through creating your Lead Magnet Page, Your Thank You Page, Your Offer Delivery Page and Your Automated Email Followup. I’ll walk you through the easy steps and I’ll also show you how to outsource this if you don’t want to do it yourself!

The big value in session #5 is making sure you have the right elements present at each step of the way for your prospects that lead into maximize your sales. Leads are awesome, but SALES are the name of the game!

Session #6 - Picking Your Traffic Plan + Live Event Prep

In session #6 I’m going to be revealing my current traffic plan that has fueled my 7-Figure business over the last year. I’ll share exactly what I do each day and how I break out my tasks to make sure I’m not working too many hours a week, but still scaling up my business each month.

I’m also going to MAP out some options for you to decide on your traffic plan so that we can work on getting as many people as possible to see your Sexy, High Converting Sales funnel. Session #6 is going to lay a foundation for us to start with when we come into the Live event together on June 5th.

My goal is to help you to design a plan that builds fast to 20 leads per day and scales up to 50-100 leads a day within the next 3-6 months. We’ll design this plan together on session #6 so we have a plan to work at the Live event together.

We want to have a general idea of what direction we’re going in so we can focus on refining and advancing our skills at the Live Mastermind event.

Pre-Game Sessions Retail Value - $10,400

3 Day LIVE Mastermind June 5-7th 2020
Orlando, Florida

Now that we’ll have the Foundation of Your Online Business Built it’s time to come together to refine everything and to focus on Marketing for your Brand and Business.

I’ve secured a beautiful location and created an intimate Experience for you like you’ve never seen before.... This isn’t your typical live event....

We’ll be working closely together, side-by-side for 3 days and you’ll be leaving with Leads, Videos, Professional Copywriting, A Perfect Sales Funnel and More!

Stazy Muscat

Day #2 I just don't think it can get any better, Tanya Aliza has held nothing back. I still can't believe that two years ago I was watching this amazing marketing rock star on her YouTube channel and Facebook, and dreaming to one day be able to work with her in some capacity… and now to have her personally working on my business strategies with me is just CRAZY.

Stazy Muscat, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer & MOM

Mastermind Day #1 - Refining Your Sales Funnel

On Day #1 we’re going to work together make sure all the elements of your Sales Funnel are optimized to convert at the highest possible rate for you and your business.

We’re going to examine your sales copy, your funnel elements and make sure it’s perfectly inline with your Brand and Business Goals. This is a chance for me to have a hands on look at your work that you did in the pre-game sessions.

Mastermind Day #2 - Using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Video For Massive Marketing Results

Day #2 we’re going to be talking about how to insert your Sexy, High Converting Sales Funnel into the main mediums that I use to get maximum results and scale up to 50-100 leads a day.

We’ll be creating Facebook ads so you can generate your first leads fast with your New Sexy Sales Funnel and by the end of the day you’ll see my exact marketing and lead strategy and you’ll have the strategy working for you and your business.

You’ll have a clear understanding and behind the scenes look of how I use Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube and Blogging in my personal business so you can model the same process for YOU and Your business.

Mastermind Day #3 -Close More Business & Scale Out Your Brand

Day #3 I’m teaching you how to Automate and Close More Business, without working more hours.

Some of the things I’m going to talk about are using Webinars, Videos and Team Training sites to save time and help you to scale up without you having to be present 100% of the time. This is why we’re able to move so fast in our business without sacrificing help and duplication with our team in Network Marketing.

Before having these systems in place, I would spend hours with new prospects and teammates, and now I spend a small amount of time, they get better help and my team and sales grow faster than ever... not mention, I have more time and a better lifestyle because of these systems.

* Gourmet Lunch Included Day 2 & 3

Live Mastermind Retail Value - $22,000

PLUS 6 Bonuses To Skyrocket Your Brand, Business & Results

Bonus #1 - How To Shoot Videos That Stir Up Business ($497 Value)

Video is literally one of the BEST ways to build your Brand fast and build a strong relationship with your online audience... A.K.A Your TRIBE!

During our 3 days together, we’re going to spend some time going over the best way to produce video content for your Brand and where to use video to make the most sales in your Business.

We’ll help you create 2 Videos that are going to be essential to helping you convert sales in your funnel.

Bonus #2 - Facebook Live For Your Business ($347 Value)

Facebook Live is all the talk right now and over the last short while of using it in my business, I’ve increased sales and skyrocketed my Facebook Page!

I have a simple system that I’ve implemented to use this platform to increase business and I’m going to share this system while we’re together in Orlando.

We’ll also get you started doing Facebook LIVE’s the Right Way before you leave!

Bonus #3 - Facebook Ads Class ($997 Value)

Facebook Ads (IF done right) can provide your business with More LEADS and PROSPECTS than you know what to do with.

With as little as a $5/day Ad Campaign you can generate A LOT of Leads that are interested in learning more about your product, service or business.

I've spent over $23,000 in education in learning Facebook Ads, and over last year I've made $575,803.70 in revenue directly from my Facebook Ads.... So... do you think this is a valuable skill to learn and master?

Obviously the more you make in revenue, the more you want to spend in Ads to scale that return up.

Bonus #4 - Tanya's Weekly Promotion Breakdown ($2995 Value)

During the Live Mastermind Workshop, Tanya will break down her complete weekly production process that has greatly contributed to her 7-Figure business.

This breakdown will include Tanya's weekly process for planning, producing, publishing and promoting the weekly Episodes of Tanya Aliza TV.

Tanya calls this her 4 P's to Freedom!

After learning this step by step process and copying it... you'll have a predictable and consistent residual income that scales UP every single month.

Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Support Group ($499 Value)

From Start to Finish you will have access to my Private Mastermind Facebook Group so that you’re questions are answered quickly and you’re fully supported throughout the Mastermind.

Bonus #6 - Expanded and Updated Copy of The 4 Hour Work Week
*For Applicants That Apply Before December 15th, 2019

Since this book changed my life, I’m going to make sure that you get a copy for your library to read and highlight through!

Total Value of All The Bonuses - $5,335

Wanja Gachanja

I’m so amazed at how this Machine is it working… I've generated 265 LEADS in 24 hours… This is CRAZY! This Funnel you help me create Will be the lifeblood of my business. I'll never run out of people to talk to. Tanya, you're AMAZING at what you do!

Wanja Gachanja, Network Marketer

Upgrade To VIP & Get Even More...

(Only 10 Spots)

VIP EXTRA #1 - Spend The Day With Tanya & Her Team ($9,997 Value)

When you upgrade your spot to VIP you'll get to spend an extra VIP day with Tanya and her team to give you an even MORE hands on experience. This is a very small group that will have an additional (SUPER VIP) day together to dive even deeper into your business.

*The VIP day will be held immediate after the Live Mastermind on June 8th so we can work on more implementation and strategy together.

VIP EXTRA #2 - Professional Copy Writing That Coverts ($3200 Value)

Have you ever struggled with what to say or write on your Lead Magnets, Social Media Posts, Emails or Sales Pages?

Since 2010, I’ve made it a priority to study copy writing, because if you can understand the basic fundamentals, you can literally write your own pay checks.

One promotional email to my list can easily make me 5 figures...with that ONE email!

Inside our VIP Day together, we’re going to make sure that you have some of the best copy writing on your Lead Magnets, Videos, Emails and Social Media Posts.

VIP EXTRA #3 - ‘Celebrity For The Day’ Photo Shoot ($740 Value)

What would The Ultimate Branding Experience be without a celebrity day?

YOU’re the celebrity for the day and During our 3 days together, I’ve hired one of my good friends who does all my images, to come over and do a professional photo shoot with you.

We’ll edit the photos and you’ll get full access to your New Branding Shots to use in your Sales Funnel, Your Blog, Your Social Media Sites etc.

VIP EXTRA #4 - Logo Design & Brand Board ($699 Value)

Tanya's personal Brand Designer is going to hook you up with a brand new Logo and Brand Board that will help make your Brand 'POP' like a celebrity.

A professional logo will make you look like the professional you are and a Brand Board will reflect your complimentary brand colors and fonts so everything flows and looks Top Notch.

Upgrade To VIP & Get $14,636 of Additional Value

Download The Full Agenda Here


Overcoming Your Fears, Obstacles & Uncertainty...

Even though much of this Mastermind will be hands-on implementation on your Business, I'm committed to helping you break-through your road blocks.

For some, it’s internal road blocks like fear, uncertainty or mindset and for others, it’s resource road blocks like technology or outsourcing.

While we’re together, we’re going to uncover what’s been holding you back and we’re going to overcome these road blocks together.

Over the years of scaling our businesses and achieving 7-Figure Success, we’ve had to develop certain processes, create certain systems and outsource certain tasks to grow.

There isn’t an internal or external element that we haven’t faced and can’t help you with.

Your Commitment

When you’re accepted into The Ultimate Branding Experience Mastermind, you will be expected to play full out, be in full attendance and give 100% of your efforts to accomplishing the activities laid out.

This is why the application and interview process is in place. I want to make sure that we have the best group of people inside this Mastermind. We’re all going to be learning and Masterminding together, so I have to make sure that we're giving it our all.

Your results are a reflection of my mentoring and coaching, but without taking massive action on the steps that I give you, you will never see the results you’re looking for and I’m looking to create solid success stories this year.

I’m 100% committed to YOU, so it would only make sense that you’re 100% committed to yourself and the Mastermind.

If you’re committed and ready to play full out, I’ll look forward to your application.

"This isn't some theory that's taught from stage from a speaker that knows only 10% of the audience will take action, this is a Mastermind that will create life long success stories with 100% of the audience.”

Application Details

The Ultimate Branding Experience is by Application Only.
Final Candidates will be interviewed as part of the selection process.

Openings are limited to 35 spots (33 are already filled), this is to ensure the highest level of attention on your Business. All Applications will be reviewed on a First Come, First Serve basis.

We’re looking for Applicants that have an exceptional attitude and are ready to increase their Impact, Influence, Leads & Sales.

All applications are due January 17th, 2020, & interviews will be scheduled with those that apply.

If you feel you're hungry & dedicated enough to create a success story, I encourage you to apply.

APPLY TODAY(Only 2 Spots Available)

Success Stories From Past Attendees...

Your Mastermind Investment

This year we have 2 Mastermind options for you to choose.
You can choose Gold Elite or you can upgrade to Platinum VIP Elite.

The Platinum VIP Elite will give you everything inside Gold PLUS the additions that you see listed above on this page.

Platinum VIP Elite was created for those that want to spend even more intimate business time with Tanya and her team. We dive a little deeper on the business and the Brand.

Gold Elite

Investment into The Ultimate Branding Experience is just a $1K Deposit plus $4,995

A payment plan is available and consists of a $1K deposit plus 5 payments of $1079

Platinum VIP Elite

Investment into The Ultimate Branding Experience VIP Level is just a $1K Deposit plus $6,995

A payment plan is available and consists of a $1K deposit plus 5 payments of $1479

Mastermind spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED & once they’re filled, we’ll no longer be accepting new members.

Applications with missing information, including deposit payment details, will not be considered.

The $1K deposit is 100% refundable unless you are accepted into the program.

Due to the limited number of seats, once you’re accepted and the first payment has been made, there are absolutely no refunds or cancellations and you are legally and financially responsible for the FULL investment of the program.

To apply for The Ultimate Branding Experience Mastermind, please complete the program application and we will reach out to you to schedule your interview.

All applications must be accompanied by a $1,000 refundable deposit to demonstrate your commitment and reserve your space in the program. If you are not accepted, the deposit will be refunded to you immediately.

Total Retail Value - $52,371


APPLY TODAY(Only 2 Spots Available)

As you can see, this is an exceptional value to you so I can create more Success Stories in 2020!

I don't know anywhere else where you'll get all value for this Investment.

Think about what it's worth to you and your Business and I look forward to your application!

Should you have any further questions, please direct them to support@tanyaaliza.com or please call 980-949-0442.