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Tanya Aliza's Live, In-Person Workshops Are Back & Better Than Ever

Specifically Designed For Entrepreneurs & Network Marketers

Our Goal Is To Escape The Hustle & Unlock the Secret to 24/7 Sales
Let's Build Your Automated Selling Machine That Transforms Your Business into a Profit Producing Powerhouse – So You Can Spend More Time Doing Things That You Love!

Your Personal Invite To Work Together For 2 Days & Get This Implemented

*Currently Sold Out*

My Automated Selling Machine

Also known as my Evergreen Webinar Funnel, has truly transformed my life.

Just one of these webinar funnels has already brought in over $3.3 Million.

Over the Last Few Years...

I've been flooded with messages from my online community, all eager to learn how I crafted my Automated Selling Machines using Webinars and Masterclasses. 

These machines aren't just a part of my strategy; they're my powerhouse for selling my digital courses and recruiting for my Network Marketing Business. 

Now, I'm ready to unveil this blueprint to you!

This framework is versatile, fitting ANY business model, and I'm beyond excited to guide you through setting up your own Automated Selling Machine. Let's embark on this journey together, transforming the way you do business!

Why a Live Workshop?

I’ve created many online training courses and have hosted hundreds of Masterclasses, but there’s something special and magical that happens at a LIVE event when I can work one-on-one with you that just doesn't happen in any other setting.

Before the pandemic...

I hosted a very Elite Mastermind each year that always had a 120 person wait list at any given point in time. I would host 50 Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers each year and walk them through building and marketing an Automated Funnel for their business and the results were incredibly impressive and outstanding.

When you’re at home with a course, you have so many distractions and no accountability.

When you’re together as a small group with a formal structure and implementation deadlines…


Workshops Are Where Real Results Are Born...

Darlene Mayo

Kacey Birch

Melanie Smith

So as I sat down to think about

how I wanted to share this strategy with my community to get them the BEST results in the fastest time possible. I knew in my heart that the perfect setting would be a LIVE, in-person workshop… Plus I thought this would be a fun way to kick off my live event schedule again.

I promise, we’ll get a lot done together, but we’ll also have a ton of fun.

The most valuable skill set in business today is building an engaged audience of the right people that love your stuff.

The Goal:

You want to get the right people paying attention to you on social media

Turn them into a social media follower

Turn them into an email list subscriber

Welcome them as a teammate or paying customer.

This is all systematically done by having your webinar presentation working for you 24/7 enrolling new business for you while you do other things with your time.

Important To Note: You don’t need to become a celebrity on social media, you just have to be consistent with the RIGHT processes and you have to have an Automated Selling Machine that does the heavy lifting for you.

You could stay at home trying to figure it out by yourself, or…

You can dramatically reduce the time and money you're spending trying to do that and come to my Ignite Workshop and get most or all of it done in just 2 Days!

AND… you’ll know that it’s done right because I’ll be guiding you.

Real Stories, Real Success

When & Where

MARCH 20-21ST 2024
2 Full Days From 10am-5pm

VIP Mixer
March 21st 5pm-7pm

Charlotte, North Carolina
The Tabbris Innovation Center

The IGNITE Agenda

Join me on an intimate tour behind the scenes of my own automated evergreen webinar funnel, a trusted ally that brings in 52 new buyers every week.

I'm excited to share how this remarkable tool doesn't just work hard but smart, attracting and engaging prospects around the clock, every day and automatically signing them up.

Imagine crafting your very own evergreen presentation, a magnetic force that continuously draws in and captivates your audience, turning them into enthusiastic buyers 24/7 even while you sleep. 

This session is more than just a peek into what's possible; it's your personal blueprint to success.

I'll walk you through a clear, detailed guide covering every aspect of this automated powerhouse.

You'll learn how to ignite a spark in your prospects, compelling them to take the next step with you.

Get your hands on my comprehensive A-Z roadmap, equipped with all the templates you'll need: high-converting registration pages, engaging presentation slides, persuasive email sequences, and the software that ties it all together.

$997 Value

Join me on the second day of our transformative journey where we dive deep into the heart of effectively marketing your Automated Selling Machine.

I'm thrilled to share my personal strategies and insights on building a profitable social media presence that consistently feeds your automated system with quality prospects eager to purchase your products or join your team.

I'll introduce you to my 'Stranger to Bestie' Marketing Method, a game-changer in transforming unknown individuals into raving fans and buyers.

It's all about creating genuine connections and providing value that resonates with your audience.

We'll debunk the myth that you need a massive following to earn a significant income. I'll share how to make a 6-figure income with a surprisingly small audience.

The key is understanding and satisfying the social media algorithms – the more quality content you post, the more visibility you'll gain.

But here's the challenge: creating consistent, quality content takes time.

That's why I'll introduce you to some revolutionary AI tools that have transformed my content creation process.

These tools help speed up production and enhance quality, allowing you to build your following more quickly and efficiently.

And remember… you don’t need a large following to make a good living

I haven’t even posted a single post on Tik Tok yet and I average $2 MIL a year in revenue.

This session is about making your income more predictable and your business financially secure. It's about empowering you with the strategies and tools to build a thriving online presence that supports your lifestyle and goals.

So, let's step into this journey together and turn your social media into a powerful, profit-generating machine.

$697 Value

Everyone likes to making more money right?

Let's face it, not every lead generated by your automated selling machine will be ready to jump on your initial offer. But that doesn't mean the opportunity is lost. These individuals have already expressed interest in what you have to say - they're curious, engaged, and on the verge of saying 'yes.'

So, what's the next step? How do you nurture these potential buyers and maximize your earnings from them?

Perhaps they weren't quite convinced of your offer's value, or maybe the timing or pricing wasn't right for them. Regardless of the reason, they're still part of your community, and with the strategies I teach, they've grown to trust and like you. This relationship is crucial, and it opens the door to future opportunities.

In this session, I'll pull back the curtain on my business and show you exactly how I identify and leverage relevant offers that resonate with my audience. You'll see firsthand how I position these offers to maximize their appeal and profitability.

Here’s the latest offer I made to my email list:

We wrote 6 emails and did 2 Facebook lives and generated $52,690.13:

There are so many cool ideas that you can implement with your email list and I can’t wait to open up my playbook and show you my exact strategies in this exciting session.

I have a very specific framework that adds value to my list so my subscribers feel well taken care of instead of feeling sold to.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you learned how to make an extra $50,000 in a single week just by sending a few emails?

Or you kept climbing to the next level of your compensation plan every month?

$497 Value

I want to include this important lesson because I wish these are topics that someone shared with me when I started to make money in my business. Had I known about these tips and strategies earlier, I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Once your business starts to make money there are things you have to prepare for and think about. Things like:

How to keep track of business expenses and deductions
When should you start a LLC or business entity
How a digital business model can be structured to give you amazing tax savings
Business tax deductions such as health insurance and other items we wouldn’t think about and your regular CPA won’t bother to ask you about.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve spent over $400,000 on professional strategic tax specialists that know things your regular CPA won’t know, but should.

Yes that’s a lot of money, but we make a lot and the benefits completely outweighed the cost.

I’d like to share some of the things I learned that I wish someone would have shared with me sooner.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional and this is not intended as any tax advice and you shouldn’t take any tax advice from me. I’m solely sharing my personal experiences and I encourage you to talk to a tax or legal professional before implementing anything I share with you.

$297 Value

Limited Time Bonuses

How would you like personal access to me for the next 90 days so we can strategize on your business together and I can get to know you and your goals before we meet LIVE in person?

Voxer is a Free Walkie Talkie app for your smartphone (kinda like WhatsApp) that I use with my personal coaching clients and it’s how I get to voice chat, text, share images and documents with them. They get ‘Front of the Line’ access to me!

I want to get to know you so I can truly help you create lasting results in your business.

Let’s talk about:

Your DEEP goals, the products, services or business you offer
Your Target Audience - AKA “Your Tribe”
Your current marketing strategies
Your Social Media plan or… let’s create one!

My personalized coaching services start at $3K per month, but I thought this would be an incredible bonus to offer you, because I want this to be the most helpful workshop you’ve ever been to.

For me to make that happen for you, I have to get to know you and your business.

At the workshop, we’ll have two full days together, but when you get there, I want you to already feel like family and have clarity, focus and a head start on your Social Media action plan.

$2,000 Value

We have a fully equipped recording studio that is available for you to use to record a Podcast, Videos for your funnel pages or even your Automated Selling Machine Webclass.

This private studio will be available for you to use during the event. We will help you with the professional equipment and lighting! Just bring your material to record and we’ll help you get those recordings done!

$299 Value

When you arrive at the event, we will give you a physical copy of my Ignite Your Business Action Workbook!

Everything we discuss and go over in the workshop is already documented in your personal Ignite ‘Action Workbook’.

The Ignite Action Workbook reveals:

Step-by-step instructions on everything we show you how to do at the Workshop so you can always go back and reference my processes, even after you get back home.
My Automate Selling Machine funnel page design templates
5 Email Templates that you can copy and use in your Automate Selling Machine so more people buy or join your team.
My fill-in-the-blank Social Media monthly action plan

Everything you learn with me at Ignite is going to be a lifelong skill. You’ll be able to take this knowledge and these strategies and continually use them in your business and with this workbook, you’ll always have these steps by your side.

$312 Value

When You Enroll Before February 1st 2024

Okay, I might be a little insane offering this up as a free upgrade, but I’m committed to making this the best workshop you’ve ever attended and it’s my come-back Live event so heck why not?

Just make note that this one is super limited to ticket purchasers that secure their spot before Feb 2nd. or tickets sell out… so you want to hop on this NOW.

Your VIP ticket includes:

A personalized mini photo shoot with my photography team! We’ll help you plan out some amazing branding shots that you can use in your Automated Selling Machine, Social Media, or wherever you want to use them!
A VIP catered hot lunch for the two workshop days
A VIP mixer following Day Two from 5-7pm. We will have music, some adult beverages and tapas together while we mingle, take pictures and celebrate all the hard work we just accomplished.

$599 Value

The Best Workshop You’ll Ever Attend!

Day One: Your Automated Selling Machine | $997 Value
Day Two Part One: Marketing Your Automated Selling Machine | $697 Value
Day Two Part Two: How To Maximize Profits With Your Non-Buyers | $497 Value
Day Two Part Three: How To Be as Tax Efficient as Possible With Your Business | $297 Value
Bonus One: 90 Days of Voxer Access to Tanya Aliza | $2000 Value
Bonus Two: Access To Our Private Recording Studio | $299 Value
Bonus Three: Ignite Your Business Action Workbook! | $312 Value
Bonus Four: FREE VIP Ticket Upgrade | $599 Value

Total Value of Ignite + Limited Time Bonuses: $5,698

Your Ignite Ticket Price $1,997 

Only $997

**Payment Plan available at checkout**

*Includes a FREE VIP Ticket Upgrade*

*My deeply discounted pricing + VIP Upgrade is reserved for my action takers & strictly ends on February 1st 2024 at 12:00am EST*

A Quick Message From Tanya:

Building a successful business isn’t about spending more time in random Facebook groups or posting more on Social Media. It’s about implementing real online marketing strategies that are going to bring you high-quality interested people, whether you’re working in your business that day or not. This is achieved through having an Automated Selling System set up for your business and this is exactly how I’ve been able to build a multiple 7-figure business while creating complete time freedom for my family and I.

When I’m not geeking out in marketing I’m hanging out on the lake at our house in North Carolina with my husband, Rikky and our fur baby Loya!

I can’t wait to help you Ignite Your Business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hotels or accommodations should we consider booking at?

Great question! We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is key to enjoying your time at our event. As we're a smaller, more intimate group, we don't have a designated hotel room block. However, this gives you the flexibility to choose accommodations that best suit your needs and preferences.

We recommend looking for a place that's close to the event location, Tabbris Innovation Center at 1300 South Boulevard Charlotte, NC., to make your commute as easy as possible. There are a variety of options in the area ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to stylish hotels. Websites like, Airbnb, and Expedia can offer a range of choices to fit any budget and taste.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need recommendations or help finding the perfect spot. We want your stay to be as comfortable and convenient as possible so you can focus on enjoying the event to the fullest!

Is there parking on-site?

Yes, we've got you covered! There is parking available on-site for your convenience. Please note that there is a small fee for parking. We've worked to keep this as affordable as possible, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience from the moment you arrive. If you have any further questions about parking or need assistance with directions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

What do I need to bring and what should I wear?

We're thrilled to have you join us and want to ensure you're as prepared as possible! Here's a quick checklist for what to bring and some tips on how to dress:

- Laptop Computer: For interactive sessions and note-taking.
- Notebook and Pen: For jotting down all the golden nuggets you'll discover.
- Chargers: Keep your devices powered up all day.

- Comfortable Clothes: Opt for comfort with a professional edge. Business casual attire is perfect for this event.
- Layering: Room temperatures can vary, so consider a light sweater or jacket.

Special Note for VIP Ticket Holders:
- If you're participating in the professional photo shoot, consider what represents your brand best. Wearing something in your brand colors can really make your photos pop. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and aligns with the image you want to portray.

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and ready to learn, connect, and grow. We can't wait to see you there!

Is there WIFI Included at the Event?

Yes, there is complimentary WIFI at the event for you.

What type of business will benefit most from this event?

This event is a perfect fit for any entrepreneur or network marketer looking to grow their business. Whether you need to acquire customers or build a team, the strategies taught at this workshop will be immensely beneficial. So, if your goal is to expand your customer base or grow a dynamic team, this event will provide you with the tools and knowledge to do so in a leveraged and effective way. It is recommended that you have something to sell to make the most out of this event.

What technology and tools are necessary for implementing the strategies taught at the event, and are there any additional costs involved?

To build an Automated Selling Machine effectively, you will need some essential tech and tools. The cornerstone of this system is your Webclass software, which can range from free options to around $80 per month, depending on the features and capabilities you require. Additionally, an Email Marketing Platform is crucial for nurturing and converting leads. These platforms also vary in cost, starting from free to about $19 per month. These tools are investments in your business's automation and scalability, offering a range of options to suit different budgets and needs.

What airport should I fly into & what’s the best means of transportation when I’m there?

The best airport to fly into is Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). It's conveniently located and offers a wide range of flight options.

Once you're here, we recommend keeping it simple with rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. They are readily available and will free you from the worries of parking or navigating unfamiliar roads. This way, you can focus on enjoying the event and exploring the city without any hassle.

What if I buy a ticket and I can’t attend? Can I get a refund?

We understand that sometimes plans change unexpectedly. While we're unable to offer refunds due to the costs and preparations involved in creating the best possible experience for our attendees, we offer a flexible alternative. If you find that you're unable to attend, you have the option to transfer your ticket to someone else who can benefit from the event. Just let us know the details of the person you're transferring your ticket to, and we'll take care of the rest. We want to ensure that the opportunity for growth and learning is utilized, even if you can't make it personally.

Will This Event Be Recorded or Streamed?

We appreciate your interest in the content of our event! We've decided not to record or stream this particular event. Our focus is on creating an intimate and interactive experience for our attendees, and managing the technical aspects of recording or streaming can detract from this. Additionally, by not incorporating these elements, we've been able to keep the ticket price more accessible for everyone. We believe the value of being present at the event, engaging directly with the speakers and other attendees, is a unique experience that we want to preserve. We encourage you to join us in person to make the most of this opportunity for growth and connection.

Can I Bring a Business Partner or Spouse?

We understand the value of sharing this experience with a business partner or spouse who is as dedicated to growth and learning as you are. Each attendee, however, must have their own ticket. This ensures we can provide the best experience to all participants, including access to materials, space, and other resources. So, if you're planning to bring someone along, please make sure they register and have their ticket ready for the event. We're excited to welcome you both and look forward to the insights and contributions each of you will bring to our gathering!

I’m Not Sure I Can Make This Event, When Is Your Next One?

​​At present, we don't have another event scheduled beyond this one. Each event is crafted with unique content and opportunities tailored to the attendees, making this experience one-of-a-kind. We understand that schedules can be challenging, but we truly believe the value and transformation this event offers are worth adjusting plans for. We encourage you to make it to this event if at all possible, as we can't guarantee when the next one will be. It's an investment in yourself and your business that we believe you won't want to miss!

I Have Some Dietary Restrictions, Are Those Considered In The VIP Catered Meals?

Yes, absolutely! We understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs and want to ensure you enjoy a delightful dining experience with us. Once you purchase your VIP ticket, we'll send you a form to fill out where you can specify any dietary restrictions or preferences you have. Our catering team will use this information to prepare a meal that suits your needs while still providing a delicious and satisfying experience. We're committed to accommodating you to the best of our ability, so you can focus on enjoying the event!

Is there a question that you have that we missed?

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