Want to attract people that actually want to Do Business with you?

(without spending all day on social media doing weird stuff) Yeah... me too!

That's why I created GROWTH CAMP. My NEW, 5 Video Crash Course that helps you:

Create & Promote a Captivating Freebie That Attracts Eager Customers & Teammates, On Autopilot, 24/7 Even While You Sleep!

And for a limited time, you can snag it for only $97 $67

YES, some of the other stuff helps...

But if you’re not getting the sales, posting more on social media, where the newsfeed buries your post 2 hours later, is a waste of time.

I know you’re a busy person like me and you want results yesterday,

So how does 5 ‘get-to-the-point’ workshop style videos that you can implement immediately sound?

I sat down and reverse engineered my multi-million dollar lead strategy, then I asked myself: “If I was me (which I am LOL), how would I like to consume and implement this program?”

And Voila… The Growth Camp Crash Course was born.

If you have products or services that you sell, you NEED customers.

I’m going to hold your hand and show you how to position yourself online to attract eager customers & teammates,on autopilot, 24/7 even while you sleep.

Who Growth Camp Can Help Most…

Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Influencers, Coaches, Real Estate Professionals, Authors, Designers, Artists, ______________ (insert any title that needs customers)

Network Marketers that want to grow a team (this is what I do.)

Your Fearless Leader

So great to meet you friend!

My name is Tanya Aliza and I’ve been using this exact strategy to grow my multi-million dollar brand and business.

Do you have a ‘Freebie or Lead Magnet Giveaway’ that you use in your business? Is it working to  bring you Prospects & Customers on autopilot, 24/7 even while you sleep?

Well my friend, I’ve been using Freebies since 2010 and they WORK like magic, IF you structure them correctly!

You might have a few of my Freebies already if you follow me online!

Before I had the right Freebie working for me in my business, I had to do a LOT of manual labor finding the RIGHT people that wanted to buy my stuff or join my team.

Now… My Freebies do ALL the heavy lifting and work for me 24/7…

While giving my audience the BEST value and positioning my products and services as the next logical, no-brainer step!

In Growth Camp,

I want to help you create the sexiest and most captivating Freebie for your business, that attracts perfect customers and teammates that are EXCITED to lay out their credit card without hesitation.

Your new Freebie will be perfectly positioned to ONLY attract the best people that already want what you have AND it will position you as a person of value that they WANT to do business with.

I'm going to walk you through my proven formula that my past clients had to pay over $6750 to get from me!

Why? Because I’m tired of people coming to me thinking that they have to do weird stuff online to be successful…

And what’s the point of having a big following or email list when no one is buying from you?

Exactly, zero x zero = 0

So the first step is to learn how to monetize and sell your products online. Once you have this framework in place, building your email list and growing your following will add fuel to the fire!

There’s a certain formula and journey that online buyers follow and we have to know how to take them through these steps.

There’s a strategic way to create a captivating Freebie that will help you make sales & recruit… and I want to show you exactly how to do this.

So my friend, are you ready? Let’s do this together!

The Growth Camp Crash Course

5 ‘Get To The Point’ Video Walk-Throughs

Watch    |    Implement    |    See Results

Video 1

Match Your Product or Business To The Right Audience

If I hear one more ‘Guru’ say ‘Build your list’ or ‘grow your following’ I’m going to go nutso! Building a business isn’t about growing your list or your following, it’s about growing your bank account!

In Video 1, I’m going to show you how to match your product or business to the right audience so you can focus on sales instead of ‘vanity metric followers’ that don’t buy.

Can you build a big business on social media with a small following… yup absolutely, and I’m going to show you how!

Video 2

Create a Freebie that People Actually Want

It’s time to kick boring to the curb! We’re going to create an Irresistible Freebie that ‘Stops The Scroll’, gets noticed and brings you high quality prospects that are perfect for your product or business.

In Video 2, I share my ‘Benefit Congruency’ Formula that will make your Freebie so tempting it will grab your perfect customer’s attention.

I share with you 27 different Freebie ideas that you can use to attract the perfect customer or teammate AND I share which ones you should consider, based on the products or services that you sell.

Video 3

Naming Your Freebie For Maximum Action

Stand out in your niche!

In Video 3, I share my fill-in-the-blank template to create the most captivating title and hook for your Freebie so people clearly understand what it is, how it can help them and it brings a smile to their face as they scramble to request it from you.

Video 4

The Million Dollar Freebie Structure

Like I always say… it’s not about leads, followers or even looking good, it’s about sales!

In Video 4, I share with you my Million Dollar Freebie Structure so you can copy it over to your Freebie and sell more of YOUR products or services.

There are 3 important areas in your Freebie that you want to showcase your products or business… AND, if this is done right, you can generate a lot of interest and make more sales! Tried and Tested.

Psssst… YES, I have made over $12 Million dollars in my career with this structure!

Video 5

How To Promote Your Freebie + Autopilot Prospects, Customers & Teammates 24/7

Once you get through Videos 1, 2 3 and 4, you’re going to be the proud owner of your new, sexy, high converting Freebie!

NOW it’s time to get that bad boy in front of your perfect people!

In Video 5, I share my best kept (free) promotion strategies AND I show you how to automate your efforts so you can spend time doing other important things in your life or business, while qualified prospects continuously hop into your world via your new Freebie!

While you’re cheering for your kids at their soccer game, your perfect prospects are finding your Freebie, getting value and signing up to buy your products or joining your team!

This is my favorite video and I’m so excited to share this method with you!

Of Course I Have Some Extra Special  Bonuses Included For You!

Bonus 1

The ‘Tribe Congruency’ Worksheet

($47 Value)

A fill-in-the-blank worksheet to help you understand how to align your product or service’s benefits to your Freebie benefits so that you create an irresistible Freebie that produces actual sales… not just 'tire kicker' prospects!

Bonus 2

27 Highly Desired Freebie Ideas

($67 Value)

Never run out of ideas! Use this resource guide to help you decide on the best Freebie idea that will help you sell your products or services. There are 27 of them here to have fun with that your audience will love!

Bonus 3

My ‘Easy Button’ to Fun Freebie Titles That Stand Out

($37 Value)

Find it hard to come up with fun, captivating and memorable names or titles? Yup, me too, until I started using this easy formula!

Use this fill-in-the-blank formula to create your Freebie name and captivating benefit hook that draws them in and gets them to take action with you.

Hint: This can also be used when you create your social media posts too

Bonus 4

Exclusive Access To Our Community Facebook Group

($197 Value)

Surround yourself with like-minded driven entrepreneurs.

Ask questions, get suggestions, share your new Freebie and get feedback from my team and I as well as the community. We got you!

All You Get When You Enroll In

Growth Camp


How To Match Your Product or Business To The Right Audience

($97 Value)


Create a Freebie that People Actually Want

($97 Value)


How To Name Your Freebie For Maximum Action

($97 Value)


The Million Dollar Freebie Structure

($97 Value)


How To Promote Your Freebie + Generate Autopilot Prospects, Customers & Teammates

 ($97 Value)

bonus 1

The ‘Tribe Congruency’ Worksheet

($47 Value)

bonus 2

27 Highly Desired Freebie Ideas

($67 Value)

bonus 3

My ‘Easy Button’ to Fun Freebie Titles That Stand Out

($37 Value)

bonus 4

Exclusive Access To Our Community Facebook Group

($197 Value)

Steal over $830 worth of Value from me for only $67!

Join Growth Camp Risk Free

I 100% guarantee you’ll love this training!

Join Growth Camp today, go through all the videos, download all the bonuses and implement the work.

But, if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get waaaaay more value than what you invested, simply email us at support@tanyaaliza.com with your work attached, within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll happily refund you in full.

What Tanya’s Clients Have To Say

My big ah-ha moment was learning Tanya's simple formula for being congruent with my offer. That's something I'd been struggling with for awhile! Now, because of what I learned, I start with the end in mind first and pepper my freebie with hot points to convert my leads into paying customers! It makes so much sense now.

Sharon M.

WOOOOT! Since learning this strategy, I've doubled my email list, I've seen a 50% conversion rate to my webinar, I've increased my course enrollment by 25% so far, and my Social Media engagement is up 58%!! I seriously didn't know how to construct a funnel effectively until now.

Thank you Tanya Aliza. So grateful. I get it now! EEP!

Julia B.

If you are a business owner (from realtor to wedding planner to network marketer and everyone in between) you need to know how to get your "stuff" online. Tanya walks you through, step-by-step, how to create your online brand and lead producing MACHINE. Helping you get in front of a laser-focused target audience. All this = more leads, sales, and profits! Thank you so much Tanya!

Jeff M.

By applying what I have learned from Tanya Aliza, I have created 2 funnels so far. My list has grown to 700 people and my sales and recruiting numbers have increased too! This works!

Bonita W.

The bite-size lessons work great for my busy schedule. Working through this course, I learned more about me and my ideal client, so it ALL aligns and FINALLY makes sense and is congruent. In just 3 days after launching my funnel, I had 17 leads! Thank you Tanya Aliza! I am so grateful.

Carla G.

I have loved every minute of this course! The support, the content... everything. I put my freebie out and I have 135 new subscribers... like seriously?! AND a new customer sign up! This course is amazing and the bonus modules just continue to add value. I am learning so much and I am actually buzzing! Thank you!!!!

Coleen K.

Questions? We’re Here To Help.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the training videos?

Ohhh I know you’re asking this because you’re busy and you want to get to the point. That’s exactly why I created this as a mini course! You’ll be able to snag all the juicy training up in about a couple of hours. You’ll probably want to watch them again because they’re so good and then you’ll want to implement the steps that I share in the videos.

If you’re super ambitious and you want results fast, get it done in a day… and if you want to take your time, great! No one is judging the way you like to work! Remember, you’re the BOSS!

When are the training videos available?

Immediately! I know you want the goods now, so right when you sign up for Growth Camp, you will get an email with your access details and you can dive right in with your favorite energy beverage! I love Green Tea so let’s cheers each other and get to work!

Why is this ONLY $67… Are you crazy?

YES! We have an extra special discount for you today. Regular price is $97! Although some days I’m a little crazy, today I’m serious. YES, $67 is super affordable and I did this on purpose. I'm tired of the entrepreneurs in my online communities thinking they need to do things they don't to grow their businesses.

So instead of having one on one conversations with everyone (waaaay too time consuming), I created this mini course to help them.

I’ve created a multi million dollar business using this strategy and I’m happy to share this with you, so you can see the same benefits in your business (whatever business that might be).

Your success story is mine!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes of course! Join Growth Camp today, go through all the videos, download all the bonuses and implement the work.

But, if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get waaaaay more value than what you invested, simply email us at support@tanyaaliza.com with your work attached and we’ll happily refund you in full.

I have another question.

Okay great, we’re here to help. Email us at support@tanyaaliza.com

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