Tanya Aliza’s Digital Course Academy Bonus


When you enroll in Amy's DCA with our partner link on this page, you also get access to this exclusive bonus valued at $1,997

One Complimentary ticket to Tanya's 'IGNITE' event.

The Online Business & Marketing LIVE Workshop

Not an event or a summit… a LIVE, In-Person, WORKshop!

Join us for an exhilarating 2 day comprehensive business & marketing workshop crafted just for you.

Immerse yourself in this transformative journey, and together, let's make your digital program a beacon of success.

We'll provide you with the cutting-edge strategies and hands-on expertise needed to architect a robust and sustainable marketing blueprint for your digital program. This isn't just about scratching the surface, we dive deep to ensure you emerge with a confident game plan that promises consistent profits.
Digital Course Academy Bonus

I took a moment to ponder over how I could optimally support you in your digital course adventure

 - to make it not just successful, but also fun and fulfilling. And then it hit me… we need to collaborate directly!

Imagine us, laptops open, diving into my proven business model – the very strategy that has generated over $11 million from course sales in the last few years!

That's Right... Over $11 Million in Product Sales

Workshops are Where Real Results Are Born...

Darlene Mayo

Kacey Birch

Melanie Smith

This is the PERFECT complement to Amy’s Digital Course Academy.

Step One:

Take action and implement everything Amy teaches on how to create a digital course inside Digital Course Academy.

From idea to implementation, Amy leaves no stone left unturn.

(I’ve been through her program and it’s amazing)

Step Two:

Attend IGNITE with me!

We get to hang out LIVE for 2 days, talk about your course and build a plan around how to consistently market and find buyers that are excited to buy your course and spend money with you.

The Online Business & Marketing LIVE Workshop

With Tanya Aliza


Charlotte, North Carolina


2 Full Days in March 2024

(Exact Dates to be released November 2023)

This gives you 6 months to implement Digital Course Academy, get your course ready and then we’ll put the best marketing plan and roadmap in place for you to grow and scale your program.

The Agenda

Day One:

Endless Interest: Building out your course lead machine

Imagine making just 1 sale a day…

Your course price = $197
Extra income per year = $71,905

Just 2 sales per day = $143,810

What about 3 sales per day? = $215,715

What would you do with an extra $215,715?

Hopefully you can get excited about this very realistic result!

There's hardly anything more aggravating than putting in the effort to craft a course, only to struggle with maintaining a steady stream of potential customers. This is where my expertise comes in, and I'm eager to share with you my precise approach to ensure your course generates sales consistently. What's more, we'll be implementing this strategy directly during our workshop.

Day Two:

Your 7-Figure Roadmap

My secret to success lies in one word: consistency. However, it's crucial to consistently do the right things that lead to tangible results. On our second day together, we will construct a tailored weekly promotion roadmap, fitting seamlessly into your schedule, all geared towards reaching your annual income targets.

Your Business & Taxes

Over the past 7 years, We've invested over $850,000 in bringing aboard professionals to help us run our business in the most tax-savvy manner. After all, generating income is fantastic, but retaining the majority of it is even better.
I'll share the knowledge I've gathered from operating a tax-efficient digital course business, which has enabled us to keep and wisely re-invest our earnings back into the essential areas of our brand and business.

*Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional and none of this is legal advice, I’m just going to be sharing my personal experience and all information shared should be confirmed with your legal tax professional.

Gone are the days of navigating this path alone.

Together, we'll accomplish much more than you can imagine. You'll be amazed by what we can establish during these two fully dedicated, distraction-free days.

This Bonus is ONLY available to you once you purchase Amy’s Digital Course Academy through this page here by clicking the link below.

Once you secure your order, you will automatically be given a Ticket to join us at Ignite: The Online Business & Marketing LIVE Workshop ($1997 value)
We will be sending you your ticket details on October 1st.

Please note that to join us at this event, you must have an active Digital Course Academy purchase that has not been refunded.

Being a Digital Course Creator has brought an incredible transformation to my life, affording my family and me a life of freedom and prosperity, far from the confines of my previous finance role in corporate America.

While I loved my profession, it was a race against time, leaving me little room to chase my personal dreams, and instead, working tirelessly to materialize someone else's vision.

I yearned for a change – to dedicate my effort and time to our own dreams, not someone else’s.

This drive has ignited an intense passion in me to guide you along the same path. Armed with this strategic roadmap, I am confident that together we can sculpt the business you've always dreamed of.

So, are you set for the journey?

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