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Digital Course Academy Bonus

 Enrollment Closes Sept 28th 2021

I’m So Excited For You…

Get Your Hands On Even MORE When You Enroll in Digital Course Academy With Tanya Aliza

Hey Friend!

As you might know, you already get an incredible amount of value when you enroll in Amy’s Digital Course Academy, but when you enroll with me, I want to take your experience to a whole EXTRA level.

As a DCA student of Amy’s, I’ve had the opportunity to go through the program, implement it, and create an amazing success story. In fact, the last digital course that I created, generated $785,783 in sales in 10 days.

Crazy right?!

One part of the process is creating the digital course and the other part of the process is MARKETING your course so people see it and want to buy it.

How would you like to have my exact marketing plan that generated $785,783?

Well…. That’s exactly what I’m going to give you as an ADDED BONUS when you enroll in DCA with me through my link here. (Mic drop)

Here’s how this works….

When you enroll in DCA through this page here, I’m going to send you an exclusive invitation to my LIVE Virtual Marketing Event happening February 2, 2022 + lifetime access to the recorded event.

This will be a virtual event so:

After you’ve had enough time with Amy in her amazing course and you’ve created your Digital Course and your sales webinar with her, we’re going to work together for ONE FULL DAY and I’m going to share with you how to get the most people interested in buying your course when you launch it.

I’m going to share with you:

THESE are strategies that I haven’t shared anywhere and THIS will be the only place that you’ll be able to extract them from me!

THESE are the exact strategies that made me over $785K in our last 10 day launch!

I struggled to even put a retail value on this Bonus, but let’s just say that you created 1/10th the results with your Digital Course launch with these strategies….

Would it be worth it?... HECK YES!

I’m going to work with you LIVE (Virtually) for one full day and even though I have a powerful agenda for the day, this will be completely interactive and you’ll be able to ask me questions and mastermind with me about all things marketing!

One of the most important things to understand after you create your Digital Course is how to sell it and this Bonus Event is going to make sure you have all you need to crush it and make the biggest impact with your goodness!

I’m so excited to be able to do this for you.

I’m so passionate about helping you create life changing income and impact….

So let’s do this together.

Click the link below, enroll in Digital Course Academy and I’ll send you an email with your exclusive ticket to my virtual marketing event in February.

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