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Never Fumble With These Ridiculous
Objections Again

I don't Have the Money                                      
I don't think this is for me                                  
I want to think about it or do my research    
Let me see how you do first                              
How much money are you making?                 
I have to talk to my spouse first                       
I don't have the time                                            
Is this a Pyramid Scheme?
I'm not good at sales

(minute 25:47 in the Audio)
(minute 34:11 in the Audio)
(minute 40:04 in the Audio)
(minute 47:52 in the Audio)
(minute 47:52 in the Audio)
(minute 52:43 in the Audio)
(minute 57:30 in the Audio)
(minute 63:59 in the Audio)
(minute 70:20 in the Audio)

UGH!!! I used to hate getting these ridiculous objections and questions after I showed the Opportunity and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean!

After you learn the 'Beyond Objections' scripts and strategies you'll become a master at handling every single one of these objections and you'll have some powerful scripts that you can use to overcome almost every question after your presentation.

I promise that if you practice what you learn you'll become a Presenting & Closing King or Queen.

Here's Exactly What You Get Inside

Beyond Objections

  • How Avoid Objections before they even come up with my 4 Step 'Pre Game' Formula making it 10 times easier to close the deal.
  • How Handle Almost EVERY Objection or Riduculous Question in a professional way that will increase your enrollments by 3 times Guaranteed!
  • The #1 Solution to every Objection that's highly duplicatable and easy for anyone to do
  • How to get more people to join you immediately even if they say they "I don't have the money"
  • The One Script I use to get my prospects 'Off-the-Fence' and Ready to Join
  • 77 minutes of Audio Training! How to handle the 10 most common objections. What to say and how to say it, complete with a PDF Cheat Sheet that you can print out and keep with you.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Keri Kingman

This training gave me the complete confidence and skills in order to build another successful business. I was able to personally bring in 3 new business partners in a few short weeks and I finally have growth within my team. I could not be more grateful for the time and value that you put into this training! Thank you!!

Keri Kingman, Boston, MA
Cesar L. Rodriguez

Tanya is one of the best Objection Handlers and Recruiters I know. To be able to learn how she does Business is a Phenomenal Opportunity

Cesar L. Rodriguez, Home Business Trainer
Matt Remorino

I needed to refine my skills in the inviting and closing areas which I certainly did! More importantly the whole process built my self confidence and I was able to grow my business from no team members to recruiting 4 new team members in a couple weeks. This has been a total eye opener and now I'm able to not only know what to do, I have the confidence within me to take action and build a true long term business! Thank You Tanya so much! The way you train is awesome!

Matt Remorino, Worthing, West Sussex

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